Pups Save the Bay

Rocky Towels


  • The baby whale and her mother returned in this episode.
  • Mr. Hudson appears as the boat captain, making it another one of his three jobs (the first two being a train engineer and school bus driver).
  • This is the first time an oil spill occurred in Adventure Bay.
    • The baby whale was the first victim of the aforementioned oil spill.
  • During the opening scenes of the episode where Ryder is tuning up his ATV, a tennis ball and a pup treat can be seen in his toolkit. It is unknown why Ryder would keep such items in a toolkit, but it is presumed that it was temporary.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Rocky is seen already dressed in his uniform, but a few moments later when Marshall crashes into the elevator, Rocky's uniform is mysteriously gone and he's seen in only his hat.