This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save an Outlaw's Loot" from Season 2, which premiered on May 12, 2015 in the United States.

00:11:46 Chase: Your turn, Rubble.
00:11:51 Marshall: Horseshoes? I wanna play!
00:11:53 Marshall: Whoa!
00:11:57 Marshall: Did I win?
00:11:58 Chase and Rubble: (Laughing)
00:12:01 Mayor Goodway: Oh, thank you for helping sort through Wild Wilbur's old cabin, Ryder.
00:12:05 Mayor Goodway: I'd come in, but there might be... bugs.
00:12:09 Mayor Goodway: And Chickaletta does not like bugs.
00:12:13 Ryder: You're welcome, Mayor. This old hideout is awesome!
00:12:16 Ryder: There must be some great stuff here.
00:12:18 Mayor Goodway: Wild Wilbur hid all of his outlawed loot somewhere in these mountains.
00:12:23 Mayor Goodway: I would love to display it all in City Hall.
00:12:25 Mayor Humdinger: Sorry, Mayor Goodway.
00:12:27 Mayor Humdinger: When I find Wild Wilbur's loot I'll put it on display at the Foggy Bottom Museum!
00:12:32 Mayor Goodway: Foggy Bottom doesn't even have a museum.
00:12:35 Mayor Humdinger: I'm starting one... in my house.
00:12:40 Ryder: This looks like an old map.
00:12:42 Mayor Goodway and Humdinger: A map?!
00:12:46 Mayor Goodway: It could be a map to Wild Wilbur's hidden loot.
00:12:49 Ryder: A trail leads to a cave in the mountains.
00:12:51 Ryder: Those dollar signs must be where Wild Wilbur hid his loot!
00:12:54 Mayor Humdinger: That map is so pretty I must... take a picture.
00:13:00 Mayor Humdinger: First one to the loot wins it!
00:13:02 Mayor Humdinger: Finders keepers, losers weepers! Ha-ha-ha!
00:13:05 Mayor Goodway: Oh, cabin beetles!
00:13:07 Mayor Goodway: If Humdinger finds the loot, he'll keep it for himself!
00:13:10 Ryder: Don't worry, Mayor Goodway.
00:13:13 Ryder: I know who can help us find the loot before Mayor Humdinger.
00:13:16 Ryder: No job is too big, no pup is too small!
00:13:22 Ryder: PAW Patrol, to the lookout!
00:13:24 Pups: Ryder needs us!
00:13:25 Pups: (Barking)
00:13:32 Marshall: Whoa, whoa! Oof!
00:13:36 Marshall: Look, got a ringer!
00:13:38 Pups: (Laughing)
00:13:50 (Sound): (Elevator Dinging)
00:13:56 Chase: PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder, sir!
00:14:00 Ryder: Pups, we found an old map belonging to Wild Wilbur that shows where he hid his loot.
00:14:05 Pups: (Excited barking)
00:14:07 Ryder: The problem is, Mayor Humdinger has a copy of the map, and a head start.
00:14:11 Ryder: He wants to keep the loot for himself!
00:14:15 Ryder: Chase, I'll need you to use your drone to track Mayor Humdinger.
00:14:19 Chase: Spy Chase is on the case.
00:14:22 Ryder: Rubble, I'll need you and your shovel to dig up the hidden loot.
00:14:26 Rubble: Let's dig it!
00:14:27 Ryder: All right, PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:14:30 Pups: (Barking)
00:14:34 (Music): ♪ (Deployment sequence for Chase and Rubble)
00:15:17 (Sound): (Sirens wailing)
00:15:40 Ryder: We can't drive any further, pups. We'll have to hike from here.
00:15:43 Ryder: Chase, send your drone ahead to search for Mayor Humdinger.
00:15:46 Chase: Ruff! Deploy drone!
00:15:49 Chase: (Barking) Launch!
00:15:51 Chase: Find Mayor Humdinger.
00:15:55 Rubble: Which way should we go, Ryder?
00:15:57 Ryder: Let's check the map.
00:16:01 Ryder: First clue: elephant plus tree.
00:16:40 Rubble: But there aren't any elephants in the mountains.
00:16:08 Ryder: Maybe he meant something like an elephant.
00:16:13 Chase: Elephant tree!
00:16:14 Pups: (Howling)
00:16:16 Ryder: According to the map, we go around the elephant tree.
00:16:19 Ryder: Come on!
00:16:21 Rubble: Wow! An elephant with two trunks! Ha-ha!
00:16:28 Ryder: Your drone found the mayor, Chase, crossing a log over a river.
00:16:33 Chase: There he is! Come on!
00:16:35 Pups: (Barking)
00:16:39 Mayor Humdinger: What? Not this time, PAW Patrol.
00:16:42 Mayor Humdinger: Good luck trying to cross now! Ha-ha-ha!
00:16:46 Ryder: Chase, use your zip line.
00:16:48 Chase: Got it!
00:16:49 Chase: Ruff! Zip line!
00:16:56 Rubble: Yahoo!
00:16:57 Ryder: Okay, Chase!
00:17:07 Ryder: Great job, Chase!
00:17:11 Chase: Ryder, which way now?
00:17:13 Ryder: The map says turn left at the snowman.
00:17:16 Chase: A snowman?!
00:17:17 Chase: He must've hidden his loot in the winter.
00:17:19 Rubble: Or maybe he meant turn at... snowman rock!
00:17:24 Rubble: (Howling)
00:17:26 Ryder: Good eye, Rubble!
00:17:27 Rubble: Hmm... it needs something.
00:17:30 Rubble: (Gasping) I know!
00:17:36 Rubble: Now it looks like a snowman.
00:17:38 Together: (Laughing)
00:17:44 Ryder: Mayor Humdinger is still ahead.
00:17:46 Ryder: We have to hurry.
00:17:47 Rubble: I see him!
00:17:49 Ryder: Uh-oh, that old rope bridge doesn't look safe.
00:17:53 Mayor Humdinger: Buzz off, would you?
00:17:59 Mayor Humdinger: Oh... whoa...
00:18:03 Mayor Humdinger: (Yelling)
00:18:05 Mayor Humdinger: Whoa!
00:18:06 Ryder: Pups, we've gotta help the mayor.
00:18:08 Chase: But my net won't go that far.
00:18:10 Ryder: We need a pup who can get here fast.
00:18:12 Ryder: A mountain pup!
00:18:16 Ryder: Everest, Ryder here. I need you and your grappling hook at the old canyon rope bridge fast.
00:18:21 Ryder: Mayor Humdinger is stuck on the bridge!
00:18:23 Everest: On my way, Ryder!
00:18:25 Everest: Off the trail, Everest won't fail!
00:18:27 (Music):
00:18:41 Mayor Humdinger: Help!
00:18:44 Everest: I'm here, Ryder.
00:18:45 Ryder: Everest, shoot your grappling hook over the tree branch and land it near the mayor.
00:18:50 Everest: You bet! Ruff ruff! Grappling hook!
00:18:59 Mayor Humdinger: Oh...
00:19:00 Ryder: Perfect, Everest!
00:19:01 Ryder: Now, grab onto the line and swing to the edge of the canyon.
00:19:05 Mayor Humdinger: But what if I fall?
00:19:07 Ryder: It's okay, you won't!
00:19:10 Mayor Humdinger: Whoa!
00:19:13 Ryder: Chase, net!
00:19:14 Chase: Ruff! Net!
00:19:18 Mayor Humdinger: Whoa!
00:19:20 Ryder: Yes!
00:19:21 Rubble: We did it!
00:19:24 Ryder: Good work, pups!
00:19:26 Mayor Humdinger: Thanks, Ryder. I appreciate the rescue.
00:19:28 Ryder: Don't worry, Mayor.
00:19:30 Ryder: If you're ever in trouble, just yelp for help.
00:19:32 Mayor Humdinger: Well, see ya later! I'm off to find the loot!
00:19:36 Chase: But… but… we just saved him!
00:19:38 Rubble: We better find a way across too!
00:19:41 Everest: Don't worry, pups. I know this canyon like the back of my paw.
00:19:45 Pups: (Howling)
00:19:48 Ryder: I never knew about this shortcut.
00:19:50 Chase: What's next, Ryder?
00:19:51 Ryder: Let's check the map.
00:19:52 Ryder: All that's left is the big X.
00:19:55 Ryder: We should be coming up to it right about... now.
00:20:00 Everyone: The X!
00:20:01 Ryder: The cave should be here someplace.
00:20:03 Rubble: There it is!
00:20:05 Ryder: Good work, pups!
00:20:07 Chase: Ruff! Light!
00:20:09 Rubble: I sure hope we beat Mayor Humdinger!
00:20:12 Ryder: Okay, pups, let's see what's inside.
00:20:15 (Sound): (Bats squeaking)
00:20:16 Pups: Whoa!
00:20:19 Pups: (Laughing)
00:20:20 Chase: Just some bats.
00:20:21 Rubble: Yeah, no big deal.
00:20:23 Ryder: Here's another X.
00:20:25 Ryder: Rubble, see what's under there.
00:20:27 Rubble: Arf! Shovel!
00:20:36 Rubble: Found something, Ryder!
00:20:39 Chase: Cool!
00:20:40 Everest: Wow!
00:20:41 Rubble: Wait, there something else down here too.
00:20:45 Chase: What is it, Rubble?
00:20:46 Mayor Humdinger: Wild Wilbur's loot!
00:20:50 Chase: Hey! We found that!
00:20:52 Mayor Humdinger: And I found it sitting here.
00:20:54 Mayor Humdinger: Finders keepers, losers weepers.
00:21:00 Mayor Humdinger: And it's all mine!
00:21:03 Mayor Humdinger: Oh! What?
00:21:05 Mayor Humdinger: Long johns?
00:21:07 Mayor Humdinger: This isn't valuable loot.
00:21:09 Ryder: I don't know, Mayor.
00:21:10 Ryder: I bet in the old days, in the freezing cold, long underwear was the best thing you could have.
00:21:15 Pups: (Laughing)
00:21:16 Mayor Humdinger: Argh... Mayor Goodway can have her outlaw's loot.
00:21:19 Mayor Humdinger: I don't want it!
00:21:22 Mayor Humdinger: She can be Mayor Long Johns, not me.
00:21:25 Rubble: Come on, let's go see what else is in the hole.
00:21:27 Everest: Maybe it's hats to match the underwear.
00:21:30 Everyone: (Laughing)
00:21:37 Everyone: Whoa!
00:21:38 Rubble: Real old-time outlaw loot?
00:21:41 Pups: (Howling)
00:21:45 Mayor Goodway: Oh, great job, PAW Patrol.
00:21:48 Mayor Goodway: Old coins!
00:21:50 Mayor Goodway: Oh, and look at these wonderful old long johns!
00:21:54 Mayor Goodway: I can't wait to put this in the museum.
00:21:57 Mayor Humdinger: Real gold and silver coins?
00:22:00 Mayor Goodway: That's right, Mayor Humdinger, and like you always say, finders keepers...
00:22:05 Mayor Humdinger: And losers... weepers!
00:22:09 Mayor Humdinger: (Sobbing)
00:22:14 Chase and Everest: (Howling)
00:22:17 Mayor Goodway: Oh, they're so adorable in those long johns.
00:22:19 Everest: (Howling)
00:22:21 Everest: Whoa!
00:22:25 Mayor Humdinger: (Evil snickering)
00:22:27 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:22:29 Mayor Humdinger: Aww...
00:22:34 Ryder: What a good chicken, and what good pups!
00:22:37 Everyone: (Everyone laughing)