Pups Save an Eagle

Pups Save an Eagle (HD)


  • During Mayor Goodway's nature hike, Chickaletta rides in Mayor Goodway's backpack instead of her purse like she usually does.
  • Mayor Goodway is shown to have a dislike and fear of moths.
  • Shortly the backpack she was riding in gets caught on a hanging branch, Chickaletta decides to take a nap. This is another instance of Chickaletta's odd habit of falling asleep during crisis.
  • Skye has to once again face her fear of Eagles. Ironically, this time she had to face her fear in order to save The Eagle so she could care for her baby Little Eggle. Skye also finds Little Eggle to be cute.


  • In the scene just before Chase says "She's not gonna like it", his pup pack is gone, but when he's saying that line, it's back again.