Pups Save an Eagle



  • Mayor Goodway: "Poor Chickaletta was knocked down the side of the hill."
  • Ryder: "How did she get knocked down the hill?"
  • Mayor Goodway: "Um, a moth did it."

  • Marshall: "Chicken has landed!"

  • Ryder: "We need a pup to get up there and free that eagle."
  • Chase: (Referring to Skye) "She's not gonna like it."
  • Ryder: "I know, but that eagle needs Skye's help."

  • Ryder: "Skye, I need your help!"
  • Skye: "You got it, Ryder!"
  • Ryder: "An eagle is tangled in a twine. She can't fly or leave her nest. You have to free her."
  • Skye: "The eagle? (Gulps) Okay."