Pups Save an Adventure

Marshall and Leaves


  • Alex: "Okay, Grandpa, I want to fill in my Action Badge sash. What badge should I earn first?"
  • Mr. Porter: "There's loads of good ones. Maybe something like "Outdoor Feasting Badge"."

  • Marshall: "If everyone knew fire safety, my job would be a lot easier."

  • Ryder: "What's next, Marshall?"
  • Marshall: "We make a fire break!"
  • Alex: "But why would you break the fire when you haven't even made it yet?"
  • Marshall: "Not that kind of break."

  • Marshall: "Now comes my favorite part."
  • Rubble: "The part where we have lunch?"

(Rubble is seen sleeping with his mask on.)

  • Skye: "Aww... He looks so cute when he sleeps."