Pups Save an Ace



  • Marshall (after crashing into Rocky): "Sorry, Rocky. You okay?"
  • Rocky: "All good, Marshall, but your landing could use a little work."
  • Marshall: "Yeah, guess it was a little rocky."

  • Rocky (after a mishap): "That's a rocky landing."

  • Ryder: "Ace Sorensen is in trouble."
  • Skye: (Gasps) "Ace?"
  • Ryder: "She needs to make an emergency landing in Adventure Bay."
  • Skye: "I've got to help. This puppy's gotta fly!" (Backflips) "If, uh, you need me to, Ryder."

  • Ryder: "Ace, have you ever done any wing walking?"
  • Ace Sorensen: "Yep, it's my favorite stunt."
  • Skye: "Haven't you ever seen her walk and roll move? Ace is the greatest wing walker in the whole world."
  • Ace Sorensen: "Aww, thanks, Skye."

  • Rocky: "Don't you think you overdid it, just a little?"
  • Marshall: "Maybe."
  • Ace Sorensen: "I feel like a conehead. But otherwise, I'm okay."