Pups Save a Train

Chase Saving Cali


  • Precious' Owner: "I want to be Rubble!"
  • Alex: "No, I want to be Rubble!"
  • Chase: "And you said you weren't good at sandcastles. That sand-bulldozer is amazing!"
  • Rubble: "What can I say? I'm a construction pup!"

  • Katie: "Excuse me, what happened?"

  • Marshall: "Told you I'd be first!" (The pups hop off the elevator) (Sighs) "I never get to be first."

  • Chase: "Did you hear that?"
  • Ryder: "It's Cali! Chase, can you--"
  • Chase: "Chase is on the case!"

  • Chase: "Ah Cali, it was..." (Sneezes) "...nothing."

  • Katie: "Thanks for saving her, Chase. You're such a good pup!"
  • Chase: "You're..." (Sneezes) "...welcome. All in a police pup's day!"