Pups Save a Stowaway

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  • Rocky: "You did pack something warm to wear too, didn't you?"
  • Rubble: "Uh... uh-oh."

  • Marshall: "Whoops!" (Falls into his suitcase) "Guys? Help?"
  • Chase: "You don't have to pack yourself, Marshall."

  • Ryder: "Hi, Katie. Um, are you missing Cali?"
  • Katie: "Yes, Ryder. I can't find her anywhere. How did you know?" (Sees Cali in trouble)
  • Ryder: "Just a hunch."

  • Chase: "PAW Patrol, ready for action, Ryder sir!"
  • Ryder: "You sure about that, Chase?"
  • Chase (sees a penguin beside him wearing Marshall's uniform): "Huh?"

(The pups laugh.)

  • Marshall: "Uh, guys? Can you let me in?"

  • Rubble: "Everyone knows, Cali's a terrible driver!"

  • Chase: "These penguins sure know how to have fun!"

  • Ryder: "You might wanna make a note about this one. We can study the migration habits of the wild Cali."

(All laugh.)