Pups Save a Snowboard Competition

PAW Patrol Pups Save a Snowboard Competition Scene 9


  • Skye: "You and Everest will fly past those sneaky snowboarding kittens!"
  • Rubble: "Those kittens will be hard to beat. They don't like to play fair, but no match for Rubble on the double!"

  • Marshall: "Wait for me! I caught the perfect..." (Trips on a toy) "Whoa!"
  • Pups: "Look out!"

(Marshall crashes into the pups in the elevator.)

  • Marshall: "Hey, I still got..." (The snowflake melts on his nose) "Aw..."

(Chase is asked to call out orders. As Ryder gives them to Everest and Rubble, Chase repeats them using his megaphone while right beside the two pups.)

  • Ryder: "Chase, use your cones to mark the course."
  • Chase: (Does it to himself) "Chase, use your cones to..."

(He realizes what he has been doing, laughs and puts his megaphone away.)

  • Chase: "I'm on it!"

  • Alex: "Where've you slowpokes been? I finished a long time ago."