Pups Save a Sniffle

Katie 4


(Zuma and Chase race to get a tennis ball launched by Rocky.)

  • Zuma: "I got it! I got it!"
  • Chase: "I got it! Achoo!" (Sneezes on tennis ball)
  • Zuma: (Sits with tennis ball in front of him) "You got it."
  • Chase: "Excuse me, must be my allergies or something."

  • Alex: "You two put the wiggly in piggly!"

  • Farmer Al: "Hoo-wee. Look out: pigs are slippery when wet."

(Marshall and Rubble crash into the elevator; tangled together in a tug-of-war rope.)

  • Marshall: "Guess this race ended in a hogtie."

  • Zuma: "If I'm ill, I'd better chill."

  • Alex: "Can I help? Can I hammer? Can I glue? Can I paint? Can I?"
  • Rocky: "You'd be a big help if you could get me a bowl of water; my throat's a little scratchy."
  • Alex: "That's exactly what Grandpa Porter asks me to do when I help him."

  • Rocky: "I'" (Sneezes) "Uh oh."

  • Rubble: "Sooie! Sooie! Pig pig pig pig pig pig!"

  • Alex: "No pig is too slippery! No Alex is too small."

  • Farmer Al: "Hey, hey! Wait! Those pigs are making pigs of themselves!"

  • Farmer Al: "Rubble, I think you've got a future as a pig farmer!"
  • Rubble: "No way. I'm sticking to construction: pigs are too much work."

  • Marshall: "Duck your head and the cold won't spread!"