Pups Save a Sleepover

Sleepover 21


  • Mr. Porter: "Welcome to my place, sheepies! Now, how do you like your hay? Fresh and crispy, coming right up!"

  • Mayor Goodway: "Emma, you're the first V.I.P. to stay with us; V.I.P. as in 'very important pig'!"

  • Ryder: "I think I know where your lost sheep is, 'Little Bo Marshall'."

  • Cap'n Turbot (mistaking a sheep for Ryder): "Ryder? No offense, but, um, I think you need a haircut!"

  • Ryder: "Don't worry, Cap'n Turbot, we'll bring back the boat and the goat!"

  • Rocky: "...and just in time! Nobody got wet, especially me."

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