Pups Save a Show



  • Chase: "PAW Patrol, ready for..." *coughs* "...for duty, Ryder, sir!"

  • Rubble: "Are you okay, Chase?"
  • Ryder: "You sound a little hoarse."
  • Chase: "No, I'm just a little pup!"

  • Marshall: "Wow! Two patients in one day!"

  • Chase: "But, but, but-but-but-but!"

  • Chase: *sighs* "Can't even watch the play?"
  • Katie: "Don't worry, Chase. Ryder has a plan."

  • Mayor Goodway: "Once upon a time, there lived a brave group of knights."
  • Rubble: "I'm Sir Scoops-a-Lot!"
  • Zuma: "I'm Sir Dive-a-Lot!"
  • Rocky: "I'm Sir Scratch-a-Lot! (scratches self with claw arm) Oh yeah, that's the spot."
  • Skye: "I'm Lady Fly-a-Lot!"

  • Marshall: "Uh..."
  • Skye: (whispers to Marshall from backstage) "And I'm Arthur!"
  • Marshall: "And I'm an otter!"
  • Skye: "Oh no."
  • Marshall: "I mean, I'm Arthur!"
  • Skye: (again helps Marshall) "Behold, the princess' throne! 'Tis empty!"
  • Marshall: "Behold, the princess' phone needs iced tea! I mean, is empty!"

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