This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save a School Bus" from Season 3, which premiered on May 24, 2016 in the United States and on May 26, 2016 in Canada.

00:00:46 (Scene): (The episode begins with the school bus want to pick up the kids to go to the school)
00:00:53 Mr. Hudson: Ready for our first stop, Louise?
00:00:56 (Sound): (Honking horn)
00:00:57 Mr. Hudson: I'll take that as a yes, ha ha!
00:00:59 (Sound): (Car honking)
00:01:00 Mr. Hudson: Hey!
00:01:01 (Scene): (But Mr. Porter got lost control and load of bananas to the road)
00:01:05 (Sound): (Brakes screeching)
00:01:08 (Scene): (The road is slippery and causing the school bus getting four flat tires after running over the spike strip at the exit of a nearby parking lot)
00:01:09 (Sound): (Banging)
00:01:10 (Sound): (Tires hissing air)
00:01:15 Mr. Hudson: (Gasping)
00:01:16 Mr. Hudson: Four flat tires! Aw, geez Louise!
00:01:20 Mr. Porter: Oh, sorry about the fruit fiasco… (Slip) ahh! Oof!
00:01:26 Mr. Hudson: (Splatting)
00:01:28 Mr. Hudson: (Splatting)
00:01:29 Mr. Porter: Time to call the PAW Patrol.
00:01:35 (Scene): (At the Lookout, Ryder and the pups arrived after taking a long trip)
00:01:38 Ryder: That was a long trip. You pups can play, then we'll unload the PAW Patroller.
00:01:43 Pups: (Pups cheering)
00:01:44 Rubble: Awesome!
00:01:45 Skye: Tag! You're it, Zuma!
00:01:47 Zuma: And you're it next, Rubble, hee hee!
00:01:49 Rubble: Not if you have wheels on your paws!
00:01:52 Rubble: (Rubble laughing)
00:01:53 Marshall: Or springs, heh heh!
00:01:55 Ryder: (Ryder giggling)
00:01:56 (Sound): (Phone ringing)
00:01:57 Ryder: Ryder here!
00:01:58 Mr. Porter: Ryder, I lost a load of fruit and the school bus squished it and slid off the road.
00:02:03 Mr. Hudson: And now, poor Louise has four flat tires and can't get the kids to school.
00:02:08 Ryder: I see what you mean, but don't worry. No job is too big, no pups is too small!
00:02:15 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:02:16 Ryder: PAW Patrol to the PAW Patrolller!
00:02:18 Pups: Ryder needs us!
00:02:20 Marshall: Whoa!
00:02:21 Marshall: Uh-oh.
00:02:22 Marshall: Whoa!
00:02:24 (Sound): (Toy squeaking)
00:02:25 Marshall: Whoa!
00:02:26 Rubble: Now, that's some seriously big air.
00:02:29 Marshall: Oof!
00:02:30 Marshall: Hey, why is everybody upside… whoa! (Falling)
00:02:33 Marshall: …down.
00:02:34 Pups: (Pups giggling)
00:02:37 (Music):
00:02:39 Pups: (Pups barking)
00:02:43 Pups: (Barking)
00:02:47 Chase: PAW Patrol, ready for action, Ryder, sir!
00:02:50 Ryder: Sorry to interrupt your game, pups, but the school bus had an accident.
00:02:54 Mr. Hudson (On the screen): Uh-oh!
00:02:55 Ryder: Now it has four flat tires, and the kids can't get to school.
00:02:59 Ryder: Rocky, your ratchet and tire-patching gear will get that bus rolling again.
00:03:04 Rocky: Green means "go"!
00:03:07 Ryder: Marshall, use your water cannons to wash the squished fruit off the street so no one else skids out.
00:03:13 Marshall: I'm fired up!
00:03:14 Chase: Great plan so far, Ryder. But how are the kids going to get to school on time?
00:03:19 Ryder: We'll just use a substitute school bus: the PAW Patroller!
00:03:23 Pups: (All pups agreeing)
00:03:25 Ryder: Chase, you'll ride with me on the PAW Patroller and use your megaphone to call all the kids and welcome them aboard.
00:03:32 Chase: Chase is on the case!
00:03:34 Ryder: The rest of you can get back to your game of Tag.
00:03:37 Ryder: PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:03:39 Pups: (Barking)
00:03:43 (Music): ♪ (Deployment sequence for Rocky and Marshall)
00:04:04 Pups: (Cheering)
00:04:05 Zuma: Yay!
00:04:06 Rubble: Whoo-hoo!
00:04:07 (Music):
00:04:09 (Sound): (Marshall sirens blaring)
00:04:17 (Sound): (Air hissing)
00:04:20 (Sound): (Marshall sirens approaching)
00:04:21 Mr. Porter: Hmm.
00:04:22 Mr. Hudson: It's the PAW Patrol!
00:04:28 Mr. Hudson: Great, you're here, Ryder! School's gonna start in 10 minutes.
00:04:32 Ryder: Don't worry, Mr. Hudson.
00:04:34 Ryder: Rocky, you'll need to take off all the tires so you can patch them.
00:04:37 Rocky: You got it, Ryder!
00:04:45 Rocky: (Barking) Ratchet!
00:04:47 (Sound): (Ratchet whirring)
00:04:52 Ryder: Whoops! This road needs a good washing.
00:04:55 Marshall: I'm on it!
00:04:56 Marshall: (Barking) Water cannons!
00:04:59 (Sound): (Whirring)
00:05:03 Mr. Hudson: Wow! That's one power-washing pup!
00:05:07 Ryder: Yup, he'll have the road cleaned up in no time, and Rocky will have your bus fixed good as new!
00:05:14 (Scene): (Ryder takes the PAW Patroller to pick up Alex, Julius, and Justina)
00:05:15 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:05:17 Alex: Hooray!
00:05:18 Ryder: Robo-Dog, our first pick-up is Alex.
00:05:20 Robo-Dog: (Robo-Dog barking)
00:05:23 Alex: (Gasping) Wow!
00:05:27 Chase: Please step aboard Adventure Bay's temporary school bus!
00:05:34 Alex: This isn't a school bus. It's a cool bus!
00:05:39 Robo-Dog: (Robo-Dog barking)
00:05:42 Chase: Come aboard the temporary bus!
00:05:45 Justina: Yay!
00:05:46 Julius: So cool!
00:05:47 Justina: Awesome!
00:05:50 (Sound): (Horn honking)
00:05:54 Chase: All aboard! Who's going to school?
00:05:57 Precious' Owner: (Giggling)
00:05:58 Mayor Goodway: Oh, look! A new school bus?
00:06:02 Mayor Goodway: Chickaletta, how exciting!
00:06:05 Mayor Goodway: (Mayor Goodway throws a corn) Oh, no!
00:06:06 Chickaletta: (Chickaletta clucking)
00:06:07 Mayor Goodway: Each "bawk bawk" is a peck on my heart!
00:06:10 Ryder: (Ryder giggling) We'll help, Mayor Goodway!
00:06:11 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:06:14 Chase: (Chase laughing)
00:06:17 Alex: (In the PAW Patroller) Come on! I'll show you around. They keep all the cool rides back here.
00:06:22 Julius: Yay!
00:06:25 Alex: This is what we call the, uh, cool-ride-keeping place!
00:06:30 Julius: Wow!
00:06:31 Justina: Awesome!
00:06:32 Alex: This one's my favorite. PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder, sir!
00:06:36 Julius: And I'm ready to dive in!
00:06:39 Justina: I'm Rubble on the double!
00:06:43 Alex: Yay!
00:06:43 Julius: Whoa!
00:06:44 Ryder: (Ryder laughing)
00:06:46 Chickaletta: (Chickaletta clucking)
00:06:47 Chase: Everything's a-okay, Mayor Goodway!
00:06:49 Mayor Goodway: Thanks, Chase!
00:06:52 Ryder: Hey, where'd Alex and the others…
00:06:54 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:06:57 Ryder: Easy, Chickaletta. That's the carousel launch!
00:07:01 (Scene): (Chickaletta accidentally hit the button that launches the pups' vehicle)
00:07:02 Ryder and Chase: (Both gasping)
00:07:03 (Scene): (They are launched from the PAW Patroller in the vehicle)
00:07:04 Alex: Whoo-hoo!
00:07:07 Julius: Oh, yeah!
00:07:08 Justina: Whoo!
00:07:09 Chase: Oh, no!
00:07:11 Chase: Whoa!
00:07:12 Ryder: (Gasping)
00:07:13 (Scene): (Chickaletta manages to climb Skye’s helicopter and start it up)
00:07:14 (Sound): (Tapping buttons)
00:07:15 Ryder: No, Chickaletta!
00:07:16 Ryder: Not again!
00:07:17 (Sound): (Helicopter whirring)
00:07:19 (Sound): (Tapping buttons)
00:07:22 (Scene): (Ryder calls Skye, Rubble and Zuma at the Lookout to get their vehicle back and the kids as well)
00:07:23 Pups: (Pups growling)
00:07:24 Ryder: Skye, Rubble, Zuma! Our school bus rescue took a detour. Kids are out riding in your vehicles.
00:07:30 Pups: (Pups gasping)
00:07:31 Ryder: You have to get them back, and Skye? Chickaletta's flying your 'copter!
00:07:35 Chickaletta (On the screen): (Chickaletta clucking)
00:07:37 Skye: A chicken in my chopper? This puppy's gotta fly! (Barking) Wings!
00:07:46 (Scene): (And the pups leave the Lookout to save their vehicle)
00:07:50 Ryder: Pups, Chase and I are going after Alex. And Robo-Dog, keep an eye on our passenger.
00:07:55 Robo-Dog: (Barking)
00:07:56 Precious' Owner: (Giggling)
00:08:01 (Scene): (Skye manages to take back control of her helicopter)
00:08:10 Skye: Looks like you need a co-pilot!
00:08:13 (Sound): (Pecking)
00:08:15 Skye: Made it!
00:08:16 Skye: Ryder, 'copter under con… Whoa!
00:08:20 Skye: Whoa!
00:08:22 Skye: Whew!
00:08:23 Chickaletta: (Chickaletta clucking)
00:08:24 (Scene): (At Mr. Porter café, Justina can’t control Rubble’s digger)
00:08:25 Mr. Porter: Whoa, whoa!
00:08:26 Justina: Oh!
00:08:27 (Sound): (Pushing buttons)
00:08:29 Mr. Porter and Justina: (Both yelling)
00:08:31 Mr. Porter: Whoa! Please, stop!
00:08:33 Justina: Help!
00:08:36 Rubble: Yay! Whoo-hoo! Yip-yip!
00:08:38 Justina: Yay, PAW Patrol!
00:08:39 Rubble: (Rubble giggling)
00:08:41 (Sound): (Tractor screeching)
00:08:44 (Scene): (Mr. Porter get the fruits on the top of his head)
00:08:46 (Sound): (Splat!)
00:08:48 Mr. Porter: I think I sat on a tomato.
00:08:52 (Scene): (On the sea, Julius can’t control himself with Zuma’s Hovercraft)
00:08:53 Julius: Look out!
00:08:54 Cap'n Turbot: Huh?
00:08:55 Julius: I can't control it!
00:08:57 Cap'n Turbot: Ahhh!
00:08:59 Julius: Oh, no! Sorry, Cap'n Turbot!
00:09:03 Zuma: Hang on, dude!
00:09:05 Julius: (Gasping)
00:09:07 Julius: Yeah, Zuma!
00:09:11 Zuma: Awesome!
00:09:12 Julius: Wahoo!
00:09:15 (Scene): (Alex drives off with Chase’s police truck, but he going wrong way)
00:09:17 Alex: Whoo-hoo, coming through!
00:09:23 Chase: Time to pull over, Alex!
00:09:25 (Sound): (Siren blaring)
00:09:26 Alex: Uh...
00:09:27 (Sound): (Siren blaring)
00:09:28 Alex: I don't know how!
00:09:31 Chase: We got to stop my ride before he drives it right into trouble!
00:09:24 Ryder: Chase, use your net between those two trees.
00:09:38 Chase: (Barking) Net!
00:09:44 (Sound): (Net stretching)
00:09:48 Ryder and Chase: Cool!
00:09:50 Chase: (Howling)
00:09:52 Chase: All right!
00:09:53 Ryder: (Giggling)
00:09:55 Ryder: Pups, everybody safe?
00:09:56 Rubble: Under control!
00:09:58 Zuma: We're fine!
00:09:59 Skye: All good!
00:10:00 Ryder: Then, let's meet at the PAW Patroller.
00:10:01 (Scene): (After rescuing, Ryder decides to back to the PAW Patroller)
00:10:08 Ryder: Great job, pups.
00:10:09 Ryder: We'll head to school once Zuma and Rubble get here.
00:10:11 (Scene): (Precious' owner lures Robo-Dog out of the PAW Patroller)
00:10:14 Precious' Owner: Fetch, Robo-Dog!
00:10:16 Robo-Dog: (Robo-Dog barking)
00:10:17 (Scene): (And takes control herself and drives off with it)
00:10:20 (Sound): (Horn honking)
00:10:21 Ryder: What?!
00:10:24 Precious' Owner: (Giggling)
00:10:26 Skye: Oh, no!
00:10:27 Ryder: Skye, get your 'copter back in the air and lower the harness to me.
00:10:30 Skye: On it, Ryder!
00:10:32 Chickaletta: Bawk!
00:10:33 (Sound): (Whirring)
00:10:40 Ryder: Now, follow that PAW Patroller!
00:10:42 (Music):
00:10:47 (Sound): (Tires screeching)
00:10:50 Ryder: That's it, Skye. Now, to open the roof.
00:10:53 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:10:56 Ryder: And drop in!
00:10:58 Ryder: Ugh!
00:10:59 Precious' Owner: (Giggling)
00:11:00 Ryder: My turn, please.
00:11:02 Ryder: Ugh!
00:11:04 (Sound): (Tires screeching)
00:11:05 Ryder: Whew!
00:11:06 (Scene): (After rescuing the PAW Patroller, Ryder arrives at the school on time)
00:11:07 (Sound): (School bell ringing)
00:11:10 Ryder: Well, that's one way to get to school.
00:11:11 (Scene): (Chase, Rubble, and Zuma arrive shortly)
00:11:14 (Sound): (Sirens approaching)
00:11:15 Justina: Again, again!
00:11:16 Julius: Awesome ride!
00:11:17 Alex: Whoo-hoo!
00:11:20 Skye: We made it!
00:11:21 Chickaletta: (Chickaletta squawking)
00:11:22 Alex: Thanks, PAW Patrol!
00:11:23 Justina: See ya later!
00:11:24 Chickaletta: Bawk!
00:11:25 Ryder: Whenever you have a problem, just yelp for help!
00:11:29 (Scene): (Marshall, Rocky, and Mr. Hudson arrive shortly after fixed the four tires)
00:11:30 Rocky: Ryder, these bus tires are good as new!
00:11:33 Rocky: Hey, did you just get here?
00:11:35 Marshall: What took you so long?
00:11:37 Everyone: (Everyone laughing except Marshall and Rocky)
00:11:39 (Scene): (And in the end they join laughing anyhow when they realize the other thought Marshall and Rocky made a joke)
00:11:40 (Music): ♪ PAW-PAW-PAW-PAW-PAW PAW Patrol ♪