Pups Save a Robosaurus

PAW Patrol Pups Save a Robo-Saurus Scene 5


  • Chase: "I can't wait to start camping!"
  • Rubble: "I can't wait to start dinner!"

  • Ryder: "There must be some place up ahead to grab a bite."
  • Rubble: "I hope so. I'm so hungry I could eat a... w-what? Dinosaur!"

  • Rubble: "Rubble wants a double, burger, that is!"

  • Ryder: "Anybody know a good campfire story?"
  • Rocky: "Wanna hear about a ghost dinosaur?"
  • Zuma, Rubble, and Chase: "Oooooh!"
  • Marshall: "Sure!"
  • Skye: "Spooky!"
  • Rocky: "Well, it's right behind you!" (Shows a shadow of a marshmallow dinosaur)

  • Marshall: "It's raining marshmallows!"

  • Chase: "Ryder, I found out what's making the robot dino go haywire. There's gophers inside it, and they're eating the wires."
  • Ryder: "Joyriding gophers? We'll be right there!"