Pups Save a Pool Day

Pool Day (Skye)


  • Marshall owns an Apollo the Super Pup comic, seen in this episode.
  • The DirecTV description of this episode says, "Digger and Rocky help Ryder fill the pool with water." Digger obviously is Rubble; It's unknown why it says Digger instead of Rubble, though it may have been his original name.
  • Marshall briefly wore the same hat he wore in "Pups Save a Hoedown".


  • In the scene where water begins to fill back up into the pool, Skye is seen without her pink vest. After a short scene of the water coming up from the drain, she is wearing her pink vest again. After Alex and his friends get into the pool a few seconds later, Skye can be seen without her vest once more. [1]


  1. "" A video showing the error

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