Pups Save a Pony

Pony 16


  • Chase: (Gets a lick from Priscilla and chuckles) "Hey, she likes me! Or do I just have marshmallow on my face?"

  • Ryder: "Great work, pups! Campsite ready in record time!"
  • Skye: (Sees Rubble sleeping) "And camp napping in record time too!"

  • Ryder: "Thanks for interrupting your breakfast, pups."
  • Rubble: "I missed breakfast? Aww..."

  • Ryder: "Who needs horsepower, when we have pony power?"

  • Ryder: "If we're in trouble, we'll yelp for help!"

  • Rubble: "Chase, remember our deal? A toasted marshmallow for each step by carve."
  • Chase: "How could I forget? You've reminded me the whole way back!"
  • Rubble: "It's not my fault. I missed breakfast!"