Pups Save the Plane

PAW Patrol 323B Scene 44


  • Skye: "Hey Rocky, get ready! We're going to be moving this plane around a little bit." (Winks)
  • Rocky: "Um, I'm not quite done here, but, do what you have to do, Skye."

  • Mayor Goodway: "Chickaletta! Oh, fly, my little chicken, fly, as you've never flown before!"
  • (Chickaletta falls)
  • Ryder: "We have an airborne chicken, I repeat, we have an airborne chicken!"

  • Mayor Goodway: "Chickaletta, you silly chicken. You know you can't fly!"

  • Skye: "Did you hear that, everyone? Ace said, amazing flying!"
  • Ryder: (Giggles) "Yep, we all heard it. And she's right. You're an amazing pilot."