Pups Save a Pinata

PSAPinata 30


  • Mr. Porter: "Now, now, Alex, it'll be okay. We've just got to... yelp for help!"

  • Marshall: "Look! I'm a party... animal."

  • Marshall (sees Mr. Porter hanging from his ladder): "Cool trick, Mr. Porter, but, shouldn't you save it for the party?"

  • Mr. Porter: "Now that the pinata's back, I think it's time to open it."
  • Mayor Humdinger: "Hmph! Good luck! If I couldn't break open that pinata, no one can!"
  • Alex: "You don't break this kind of pinata." (Shows how the pinata should be opened) "You just pull the right ribbon."
  • (The kids cheer.)
  • Mayor Humdinger: "What?"

  • Alex: "Here you go. Everyone at the party needs to take home a little something." (Gives Mayor Humdinger a toy car)
  • Mayor Humdinger: "Aww, and it's purple! My favorite! Oh, you're a great kid."
  • Rubble: "Alex is the best!"