Pups Save a Monkey-naut

PAW Patrol Monkey-naut Title Card


  • The line where Rocky says "Adventure Bay, we have a problem" is a reference to the famous saying "Houston, we have a problem".
  • During the scene when Ryder calls Robo-Dog to bring the Air Patroller, Everest's pup tag can be seen on Ryder's pup pad.
  • When Captain Gordy is introduced, his helmet's visor is shiny. However, when Marshall and Captain Gordy accidentally switch outfits, the visor is clear. This might have been intentional.
  • During the Air Patroller sequence, Ryder mentions the stratosphere, the second layer of Earth's atmosphere.
  • It is revealed that the Air Patroller is a jet-powered aircraft, as their highest altitude range is in the lower stratosphere
  • Captain Gordy had a mild reference to a test subject (notably by sending a monkey to fly into space before humans).