This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save a Mer-Pup" from Season 2, which premiered on February 18, 2015 in Canada, and on March 20, 2015 in the United States.

00:00:49 Ryder: Here you go, pups. Fresh, roasted sausages!
00:00:52 Zuma: Awesome!
00:00:53 Rocky: Thanks!
00:00:54 Rubble: Mmmm!
00:00:55 Chase: Oohh!
00:00:58 Rubble: Sure you don't want to try a liver sausage, Ryder?
00:01:01 Rubble: They're really good!
00:01:02 Ryder: Thanks, Rubble, but I like mine liver-free!
00:01:05 Cap'n Turbot: (Heavy breathing)
00:01:08 Cap'n Turbot: Oooh, mind if I munch a morsel?
00:01:10 Ryder: Help yourself, Cap'n Turbot!
00:01:12 Ryder: Ummm, but I think that's a pup sausage.
00:01:16 Cap'n Turbot: Mmmm, Ryder, these lovely liver-links are liver-iffic!
00:01:20 Everyone: (All laughing)
00:01:22 Ryder: Glad you like 'em. Have all you want!
00:01:25 Zuma: Don't eat too many or you'll turn into a pup.
00:01:28 Cap'n Turbot: (Laughing)
00:01:29 Cap'n Turbot: Well, I guess anything is possible under the magical Mer-moon!
00:01:32 Zuma: Yeah! Like in that totally cool legend of the Mer-pup!
00:01:37 Rubble: Mer-pup? What's a Mer-pup?
00:01:40 Zuma: Dude! A Mer-pup has the body of a pup and the tail of a fish!
00:01:46 Skye: The legend says when the full moon rises exactly at sunset,
00:01:51 Zuma: …Like tonight!
00:01:52 Skye: It's a magical Mer-moon and the touch of a Mer-pup can turn you into one!
00:01:57 Zuma: For on that night only, and just until the sun rises.
00:02:01 Cap'n Turbot: That is the tale, tall or true, and that is the marvellous, maybe even magical, Mer-pup-moon!
00:02:09 Chase: Magical Mer-moon... please.
00:02:13 Chase: Have you actually seen a Mer-pup, Cap'n Turbot?
00:02:16 Cap'n Turbot: I think I have, young pup!
00:02:18 Cap'n Turbot: Many moons ago, I had a magically mysterious, mystically-marvellous, Mer-pup meeting!
00:02:22 Zuma and Rocky: Whoa!
00:02:23 Skye: Really?
00:02:24 Cap'n Turbot: The magical Mer-moon filled the sky... beaming bright as a beacon.
00:02:33 Cap'n Turbot (Flashback Story): Suddenly, I saw something splishing and splashing!
00:02:36 Cap'n Turbot: A sea otter? Or surely a seal!
00:02:38 Cap'n Turbot: But as I sailed closer, I saw something with the tail of a fish, and the face of a pup!
00:02:47 Cap'n Turbot: It swam undersea, but I could still hear it singing its sweet, sweet song.
00:02:52 Mama Mer-Pup: ♪ Ar-arf ♪
00:02:54 Mama Mer-Pup: ♪ Ar-arf ♪
00:02:55 Mama Mer-Pup: ♪ Ar-aroo! ♪
00:02:56 Cap'n Turbot: The legendary Mer-pup!
00:02:58 Cap'n Turbot: I just needed positive proof that it was true!
00:03:02 (Camera sound): (Camera shutter clicking)
00:03:04 Cap'n Turbot: Ahh!
00:03:05 Mama Mer-Pup: ♪ Ar-ar-aroo! ♪
00:03:08 Cap'n Turbot: Come back, Mer-pup!
00:03:11 Cap'n Turbot (Flashback End): See? The tail tells the tale!
00:03:14 Pups (Except Chase): (All exclaiming)
00:03:16 Chase: Tsk, all I see is a thumb!
00:03:18 Skye: I always dreamed of becoming a Mer-pup!
00:03:21 Rocky: It would be pretty cool to be a Mer-pup.
00:03:24 Rocky: Except for the getting wet part…
00:03:26 Chase: I don't know…
00:03:28 Chase: Are you sure the tail wasn't a walrus or something?
00:03:31 Ryder: Well, nobody's ever gotten a real good picture of a Mer-pup--
00:03:34 Ryder: …it could have been something else.
00:03:36 Cap'n Turbot: (Chuckling)
00:03:37 Cap'n Turbot: Perhaps this picture isn't perfect proof, but I know I saw a Mer-pup on a magical Mer-moon night long ago.
00:03:44 Cap'n Turbot: And that myth might come true again tonight!
00:03:46 Zuma: I'd love to see a Mer-pup!
00:03:49 Skye: I'd love to be a Mer-pup!
00:03:51 Rubble: I'd love to... (Yawning and Snoring)
00:03:57 Ryder: I think it's time to start dreaming of Mer-pups!
00:04:00 Rubble: Huh?
00:04:01 Ryder: Goodnight, pups!
00:04:02 Pups: Goodnight, Ryder.
00:04:03 Everyone: Goodnight, Cap'n Turbot.
00:04:05 Cap'n Turbot: Goodnight, all!
00:04:07 Cap'n Turbot: (Snoring)
00:04:12 Everyone: (All snoring)
00:04:19 Zuma: Hey, you awake, Skye?
00:04:21 Skye: Yeah! I can't stop thinking about the Mer-pup!
00:04:25 Zuma: Me too.
00:04:26 Zuma: We should totally stay awake and look for it.
00:04:28 Skye: Okay!
00:04:30 (Music):
00:04:37 Skye: (Yawning)
00:04:40 Zuma: (Yawning)
00:04:42 Mama Mer-Pup: ♪ Ar-arf ♪
00:04:43 Mama Mer-Pup: ♪ Ar-arf ♪
00:04:44 Zuma: Skye! Wake up!
00:04:47 Skye: What?
00:04:48 Zuma: I heard a Mer-pup! At least, I think I heard one!
00:04:52 Mama Mer-Pup: ♪ Ar-arf ♪
00:04:53 Zuma and Skye: Huh?!
00:04:54 Mama Mer-Pup: ♪ Ar-arf ♪
00:04:55 Zuma: That's the sound I heard!
00:04:58 Zuma and Skye: (Gasping)
00:05:00 Zuma: Wow!
00:05:02 Zuma: The legend is true!
00:05:04 Skye: But Cap'n Turbot said the Mer-pup's song sounded sweet!
00:05:08 Skye: That sounds sad.
00:05:10 Zuma: Yeah, like she needs...
00:05:12 Zuma and Skye: Help!
00:05:13 Zuma and Skye: (Barking)
00:05:15 Cap'n Turbot: Whoa!
00:05:16 Skye: Ryder, pups! Cap'n Turbot! Wake up!
00:05:20 Ryder: Skye, Zuma, are you okay?
00:05:22 Zuma: We're awesome!
00:05:23 Skye: We saw the Mer-pup!
00:05:24 Rocky: The Mer-pup?!
00:05:25 Cap'n Turbot: No worries, pups. I'm okay!
00:05:28 Chase: The Mer-pup?
00:05:29 Rubble: What, where?
00:05:31 Rubble: Somebody turn on the lights, please!
00:05:35 Rubble: Thanks, Ryder. Where?
00:05:37 Skye: In the water! We think she needs help!
00:05:40 Ryder: Well, come on, pups! Let's go!
00:05:42 (Music):
00:05:47 Chase: I don't see anything.
00:05:49 (Sound): (Splashing)
00:05:51 Zuma: (Gasping) She's out there!
00:05:53 Chase: (Sniffing)
00:05:55 Chase: Nah, that was just a dolphin.
00:05:58 Chase: See?
00:05:59 Dolphin: (Chirping)
00:06:01 Zuma: But, I was totally sure.
00:06:04 Skye: Yeah! We saw...
00:06:06 Skye: I mean, we thought we saw.
00:06:08 Ryder: I guess it was a false alarm.
00:06:10 Ryder: Okay, everyone, back to bed!
00:06:14 Cap'n Turbot: That Mer-moon is marvellously magical!
00:06:16 Rocky: Did you really see one?
00:06:21 Skye: You believe in the Mer-pup, Rocky?
00:06:24 Rocky: I used to dream of meeting a Mer-pup!
00:06:26 Rocky: I even dreamed of swimming with one.
00:06:29 Skye: You don't even like washing your paws!
00:06:31 Rocky: Oh, right.
00:06:33 Zuma: Dude, you want to look for the Mer-pup with me and Skye?
00:06:36 Rocky: Uh, yeah!
00:06:37 Zuma: Really?
00:06:38 Skye: Cool!
00:06:43 Skye: It's gonna be a long night.
00:06:45 Rocky: (Snoring)
00:06:48 Zuma: Well, at least for some of us.
00:06:50 Skye: We can wake him up if we see the Mer-pup again.
00:06:53 Zuma: (Laughing)
00:06:55 Zuma: Huh?
00:06:57 Zuma: We know we saw the Mer-pup.
00:07:00 Zuma: Let's get close and prove it!
00:07:02 Skye: Yeah!
00:07:03 Skye: We can use the paddle board!
00:07:04 (Music):
00:07:10 Zuma: You see a Mer-pup?
00:07:14 Skye: No.
00:07:15 Mama Mer-Pup: ♪ Ar-arf ♪
00:07:16 Skye: But I hear one! Listen!
00:07:18 Mama Mer-Pup: ♪ Ar-arf ♪
00:07:21 Zuma and Skye: (Gasping)
00:07:22 Zuma and Skye: It's... it's...
00:07:25 Zuma and Skye: a Mer-pup! Whoa!
00:07:28 Skye: Hi, I'm Skye!
00:07:30 Zuma: And I'm Zuma!
00:07:33 Zuma: Whoa, what's up?
00:07:35 Skye: Where are you taking us?
00:07:37 Mama Mer-Pup: (Mer-pup barking)
00:07:38 Skye: Is something wrong, Mer-pup?
00:07:40 Zuma: Do you need some help?
00:07:43 Zuma: Whoa!
00:07:44 Skye: Hey!
00:07:50 (Music):
00:07:58 Skye: We have tails!
00:08:00 Zuma: We're pups, Skye! We always have tails.
00:08:03 Skye: No, Zuma. We have fishtails!
00:08:07 Zuma: We're Mer-pups!
00:08:09 Skye: Just like the legend!
00:08:11 Zuma: I'm a Mer-pup!
00:08:12 Skye: (Skye yipping)
00:08:14 Zuma: Awesome!
00:08:15 Zuma and Skye: (Cheering, barking)
00:08:18 Skye: This... is... amazing!
00:08:21 Zuma: Hey, where'd the Mer-pup go?
00:08:26 Mama Mer-Pup: (Barking)
00:08:31 Skye: Zuma, maybe she turned us into Mer-pups because she needs our help under the water.
00:08:37 Zuma: We've got to call Ryder!
00:08:40 (Sound): (Phone ringing)
00:08:43 Ryder: What? Huh?
00:08:47 Zuma: Come in, Ryder!
00:08:48 Ryder: Zuma! What's wrong?
00:08:50 Zuma: There's an emergency with the Mer-pup!
00:08:52 Ryder: A Mer-pup?
00:08:53 Zuma: Yeah, we found her. She's totally really real.
00:08:56 Ryder: Zuma... (Yawning) Are you sure?
00:09:01 Zuma: Totally, totally sure.
00:09:03 Zuma: Cause Skye and I are... well... look!
00:09:08 Ryder: You have a fishtail!
00:09:11 Skye: Me too, Ryder! It's like the legend. She made us Mer-pups too!
00:09:15 Mama Mer-Pup: ♪ Ar-aroo ♪
00:09:17 Ryder: What was that?
00:09:18 Zuma: That's why we called. We think the Mer-pup needs our help.
00:09:22 Mama Mer-Pup: ♪ Ar-aroo ♪
00:09:23 Cap'n Turbot: Ah, oh! Moaning Mer-pup Mer-song!
00:09:28 Cap'n Turbot: The tone of that tune tells me there's trouble in Mer-town!
00:09:32 Zuma: Totally, Cap'n Turbot.
00:09:33 Zuma: Skye and I are diving down to check out the problem.
00:09:37 Ryder: The homing device in your pup tags is on. I can track your depth.
00:09:41 Ryder: I'll get the other pups up and be right there.
00:09:43 Zuma: Thanks, Ryder! See you under the sea.
00:09:46 Zuma and Skye: (Laughing)
00:09:48 Skye: Let's take to the sea!
00:09:51 Zuma: Let's dive in!
00:09:53 Ryder: No job is too big, no pup is too small!
00:09:57 Ryder: PAW Patrol, to the beach!
00:10:01 Pups: Ryder needs us!
00:10:08 (Sound): (Crashing)
00:10:11 Marshall: Hmm, this pile feels smaller than usual.
00:10:14 Pups: (All laughing)
00:10:16 Chase: PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder, sir!
00:10:19 Cap'n Turbot: And Cap'n Turbot too!
00:10:21 Pups: (All laughing)
00:10:23 Ryder: Zuma and Skye found the Mer-pup!
00:10:25 Ryder: And it seems she... uh... magically turned Skye and Zuma into Mer-pups!
00:10:31 Pups (Except Chase): Cool!
00:10:33 Chase: Oh, as if.
00:10:35 Ryder: Just like the legend!
00:10:36 Cap'n Turbot: I knew the magical Mer-moon wasn't a myth!
00:10:39 Ryder: Skye and Zuma dove down with her. We need to get out there and help.
00:10:42 Ryder: Cap'n Turbot, I need you to go under water with the diving bell!
00:10:46 Cap'n Turbot: Turbot tackles trout!
00:10:49 Cap'n Turbot: Turbot tackles trout-- my callout! Really rocks, right?
00:10:34 Rocky: Nice, Cap'n Turbot.
00:10:56 Pups: (All laughing)
00:10:57 Rubble: It's so funny!
00:11:00 Ryder: Marshall and Chase, I need you to ride along with Cap'n Turbot.
00:11:03 Marshall: I'm fired up!
00:11:05 Chase: Chase is on the case!
00:11:07 Chase: The case of proving that this Mer-pup stuff is just some old legend.
00:11:12 Ryder: I'll turn Zuma's hovercraft into the sub.
00:11:15 Ryder: Rubble, I need you to ride with me in case Skye and Zuma need our help.
00:11:19 Rubble: Rubble on the double!
00:11:21 Rocky: What about me, Ryder?
00:11:23 Ryder: Don't worry, Rocky!
00:11:24 Ryder: You won't have to go under water.
00:11:26 Rocky: Thanks, Ryder.
00:11:27 Ryder: You stay up here with my Pup Pad and let us know if Zuma and Skye's direction changes.
00:11:32 Ryder: PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:11:35 Pups: (All barking)
00:11:39 (Music): ♪ (Deploying sequence for all pups)
00:11:42 Ryder: Come on, Rubble. Let's go!
00:11:45 Rubble: Yeah! Go PAW Patrol!
00:11:50 Cap'n Turbot: Into the diving bell PAW Patrol pups!
00:11:52 Chase and Marshall: Whoa!
00:11:57 (Music):
00:12:03 Ryder: There's Zuma's paddle board.
00:12:05 Ryder: This must be where they went under to follow the Mer-pup.
00:12:07 Ryder: Let's dive!
00:12:18 Radar Signal: (Ringing)
00:12:19 Rocky: Hey! There's Skye and Zuma on the Pup Pad and the third blip must be the Mer-pup.
00:12:24 Mama Mer-Pup: (Mer-pup howling)
00:12:31 Zuma: Whoa!
00:12:33 Zuma: This is so awesome.
00:12:36 Skye: And beautiful!
00:12:39 Mama Mer-Pup: (Barking)
00:12:42 Zuma: How deep can Mer-pups dive?
00:12:45 Skye: Let's find out.
00:12:46 Zuma and Skye: (Barking, cheering)
00:12:54 Zuma: Wow! A sunken treasure ship!
00:13:00 Mama Mer-Pup: (Mer-pup barking)
00:13:04 Skye: What is it, Mer-pup?
00:13:06 Skye: What's wrong?
00:13:07 Mama Mer-Pup: (Barking)
00:13:11 Skye: (Gasping) You're a Mer-nama! And your little Mer-pup is trapped!
00:13:16 Zuma: Come on, Skye! We've got to move the beam!
00:13:19 Zuma: (Grunting)
00:13:24 Zuma: It's too heavy. It won't budge.
00:13:28 Baby Mer-Pup: (Sad barking)
00:13:32 Zuma: Don't worry, Mer-mama! We have friends coming down to help us!
00:13:36 Skye: I'll go find Ryder!
00:13:38 (Music):
00:13:48 Rubble: (Gasping) There's Skye! And she is a Mer-pup!
00:13:52 Ryder: Cool!
00:13:56 Marshall: Skye and Zuma as Mer-pups?
00:13:58 Marshall: I don't want to miss this!
00:14:00 Cap'n Turbot: Me neither.. Ahh!
00:14:03 Marshall: Whoa!
00:14:04 Chase: Meh, I bet we're missing nothing.
00:14:06 Marshall: There's no way you can say that Mer-pups don't exist now.
00:14:10 Chase: Huh?
00:14:13 Chase: Pup? Fishtail? Skye?! Mer-pup?!
00:14:17 Chase: Ugh! (Thudding)
00:14:21 Cap'n Turbot: Let me just turn on my handy-dandy diving bell speaker and we'll be able to hear Skye!
00:14:26 Skye: Follow me!
00:14:46 Zuma: Guys! Am I glad to see you.
00:14:49 Ryder: What's the problem, Zuma?
00:14:51 Zuma: Look! The Mer-mama's little pup is totally trapped in the cabin behind this beam!
00:14:57 Zuma: We tried to get it loose but it's wedged tight.
00:15:00 Zuma: We've got to get her out.
00:15:02 Ryder: We can use the sub's arm to pull the beam away from the door!
00:15:05 Rubble: Great idea, Ryder!
00:15:07 (Music):
00:15:20 (Sound): (Ship creaking)
00:15:23 Ryder: Zuma, Skye! Try the door now!
00:15:26 Zuma: (Grunting) It's stuck, Ryder!
00:15:29 Ryder: When the beam fell, it must have jammed the door shut!
00:15:31 (Sound): (Ship creaking, rumbling)
00:15:33 Baby Mer-Pup: (Whimpering)
00:15:35 Mama Mer-Pup: (Barking sadly)
00:15:38 Baby Mer-Pup: (Whimpering)
00:15:44 Rocky: Uh-oh! The ship's gonna fall!
00:15:46 Rocky: I wish I could help get that Mer-puppy out.
00:15:50 Ryder: Cap'n Turbot, I need you to use the diving bell to break open the door.
00:15:53 Cap'n Turbot: Aye-aye, Ryder!
00:15:56 Ryder: Skye and Zuma, be ready to swim in and get the little Mer-pup as soon as that door comes down!
00:16:01 Zuma: Great idea!
00:16:02 Skye: Let's get out of the way.
00:16:03 Mama Mer-Pup: (Barking)
00:16:04 Ryder: Go, Cap'n Turbot!
00:16:08 Cap'n Turbot: Hold onto your hats!
00:16:10 Chase and Marshall: Whoa!
00:16:14 Baby Mer-Pup: (Whimpering)
00:16:15 Ryder: Skye, Zuma, go!
00:16:17 Zuma and Skye: (Barking)
00:16:22 Skye: Wait, where is she?
00:16:25 Skye: Little Mer-pup?
00:16:28 Zuma: Little Mer-pup? Where are you?
00:16:30 Skye: Zuma, look! I think our friend is scared.
00:16:34 Baby Mer-Pup: (Whimpering)
00:16:35 Zuma: We're just here to help you.
00:16:36 Skye: We've come to take you back to your Mer-mama!
00:16:38 Mama Mer-Pup: ♪ Ar-arf ♪
00:16:40 Skye: Listen!
00:16:41 Baby Mer-Pup: (Mer-pup barking happily)
00:16:46 Ryder: Pups, hurry!
00:16:48 Mama Mer-Pup: (Barking)
00:16:50 Cap'n Turbot: Oh! There's Skye and the little Mer-pup!
00:16:52 Chase: They're out!
00:16:54 Skye: Yay, we did it!
00:16:56 Rocky: Yeah! Wahoo!
00:16:58 Zuma: Whoa, dude!
00:17:00 Ryder: Zuma!
00:17:02 Zuma: Whoa... oof!
00:17:05 Zuma: (Grunting) My tail's pinned!
00:17:08 Rocky: (Gasping) Uh, guys, there's a bunch of very big things headed your way...
00:17:13 Chase and Marshall: Uh-oh...
00:17:14 Cap'n Turbot: (Gasping)
00:17:18 Rubble: Awesome!
00:17:27 (Sound): (Ship creaking)
00:17:30 Ryder: (All gasping)
00:17:34 Zuma: Whoa, whoa!
00:17:40 Rocky: Whoa!
00:17:43 Rocky: What's going on down there?
00:17:50 Cap'n Turbot: Oh, this is bad.
00:17:53 Ryder: Zuma looks like he's trapped even worse than the little Mer-pup.
00:17:56 Cap'n Turbot: If we can't get him out of that wrecked relic before the full moon is over the flagstaff,
00:18:00 Cap'n Turbot: then he'll turn back into his regular puppy self.
00:18:02 Ryder: We have to save him before he turns back.
00:18:05 Rubble: How, Ryder?
00:18:06 Ryder: We need help taking apart this hull.
00:18:09 Ryder: Maybe Rocky can help!
00:18:11 Rubble: Aroo!
00:18:13 Rocky: Huh? Skye?
00:18:16 Rocky: Whoa!
00:18:19 Rocky: Wet, wet, wet!
00:18:21 Rocky: Oh hey, little Mer-pup!
00:18:26 Rocky: Wahoo! I'm a Mer-pup! Wahoo!
00:18:32 Rocky: Whoa.
00:18:37 Rubble: (Gasping) Ryder, look!
00:18:41 Ryder: Oh—wow!
00:18:42 Ryder: Is that... Rocky? With a-- a fishtail?
00:18:47 Rubble: I can't even get that pup near a bubble bath!
00:18:50 Ryder and Rubble: (Laughing)
00:18:53 Ryder: Ugh, it won't budge!
00:18:55 Ryder: Rocky, use your tool arm to loosen the screws.
00:18:58 Rocky: You've got it, Ryder!
00:18:59 Rocky: Arf! Screwdriver!
00:19:06 (Sound): (Whirring)
00:19:15 (Sound): (Teeth chattering)
00:19:22 Rocky: Zuma?
00:19:23 Zuma: Hi, Rocky!
00:19:25 Zuma: Thanks, Dude.
00:19:25 Everyone: (All cheering and barking)
00:19:32 Cap'n Turbot: Yeah, way to go!
00:19:36 Ryder: Okay, everybody, let's get out of here!
00:19:39 Pups: (All barking)
00:19:43 Mama Mer-Pup: ♪ Ar-arf ♪
00:19:44 Skye: Now that's a sweet Mer-song!
00:19:47 Zuma: 'Cause her Mer-pup is with her and totally safe.
00:19:51 Cap'n Turbot: PAW Patrol, you saved the marvellous Mer-pups!
00:19:54 Ryder: We all did, Cap'n Turbot.
00:19:56 Ryder: If you need anything, just remember to yelp for help.
00:19:59 Cap'n Turbot: (Laughing)
00:20:03 The Mer-Pup: Ar-aroo!
00:20:05 Cap'n Turbot: Oh, the moon!
00:20:07 Cap'n Turbot: I must get photos of our fantastical finned-friends before the magical moon is gone!
00:20:11 Marshall: What's all that mean?
00:20:13 Chase: I think he wants to take a picture.
00:20:14 Cap'n Turbot: Ah, don't fidget a flipper! I need to flash a photo!
00:20:17 Cap'n Turbot: Whoa!
00:20:18 (Camera sound): (Camera shutter clicking)
00:20:22 Cap'n Turbot: (Sighing)
00:20:24 The Mer-Pup: (Barking, singing)
00:20:27 Marshall: So, Chase, what do you think about Mer-pups now?
00:20:30 Chase: Mer-pups? Everyone knows they're real.
00:20:33 Marshall and Rubble: (All laughing)
00:20:34 Rubble: Good one, Chase.
00:20:35 Zuma: Hey, Skye, before the Mer-pups leave, you want to go for one more swim with them?
00:20:40 Skye: Let's do it!
00:20:41 Skye: Want to join us, Rocky?
00:20:43 Rocky: Oh, yeah!
00:20:45 Singing: ♪ A magic song ♪
00:20:47 Singing: ♪ Floating on the breeze ♪
00:20:49 Singing: ♪ So sweet, so far away ♪
00:20:52 Singing: ♪ A magic tail was told to me ♪
00:20:56 Singing: ♪ Or was it just a dream? ♪
00:20:59 Singing: ♪ Hear the song, the Mer-pup song ♪
00:21:02 Singing: ♪ Way-oh, way-oh ♪
00:21:04 Singing: ♪ Calling you out to sea ♪
00:21:06 Singing: ♪ Hear the song, the Mer-pup song ♪
00:21:09 Singing: ♪ Way-oh, way-oh ♪
00:21:11 Singing: ♪ Takes you where you want to be ♪
00:21:15 Singing: ♪ On this magical night ♪
00:21:20 Skye: See you next magical Mer-moon, Mer-pups!
00:21:23 Zuma: It was totally awesome to flip around with you.
00:21:26 Rocky: Yeah, it was so cool swimming with you!
00:21:31 Rocky: What? It was!
00:21:32 Rocky: Getting wet isn't so bad when you have a fishtail.
00:21:37 Rocky: Whoa...
00:21:38 Zuma: Our tails are gone!
00:21:40 Skye: So are the Mer-pups.
00:21:42 Rocky: But that means... wait a second, I'm in water!
00:21:45 Rocky: Wet, wet, wet!
00:21:46 Everyone: (All Laughing)
00:21:50 Ryder: That sure was a long night.
00:21:52 Ryder: (Yawning) Pups, I think it's bedtime.
00:21:56 Cap'n Turbot: I'm going to stay up a bit, just in case they come back.
00:22:00 Rocky and Zuma: (Giggling)
00:22:01 Rocky: But Cap'n Turbot, you said the Mer-pups only come out during the magic Mer-moon.
00:22:06 Skye: Yeah, that won't happen again for a long time.
00:22:10 Cap'n Turbot: I know, but I'm going to keep an eye out, just in case.
00:22:15 Ryder: (Yawning) You've all been such good pups.
00:22:18 Pups: (Yawning)
00:22:27 Cap'n Turbot: Ah, you never know.
00:22:29 Cap'n Turbot: Those Mer-pups... might... just a...
00:22:33 Cap'n Turbot: (Snoring)
00:22:38 The Mer-Pup: ♪ Ar-ar-arf, Ar-ar-aroo! ♪