Pups Save a Mer-Pup



  • Skye: "But Cap'n Turbot said the mer-pup song sounded sweet. That sounds sad."
  • Zuma: "Yeah, like she needs..."
  • Zuma + Skye: "Help!"

  • Rocky: "I used to dream of meeting a mer-pup. I've even dreamed of swimming with one."

  • Skye: "We have tails!"
  • Zuma: "We're pups, Skye; we always have tails."

  • Skye: "Let's take to the sea!"

  • Ryder: "Cap'n Turbot, I need you to go underwater with the diving bell."
  • Cap'n Turbot: "Turbot tackles trout!" (Receives looks from the pups) "Turbot tackles trout: my callout! Really rocks, right?"

  • Chase: "Meh, I bet we're missing nothing."
  • Marshall: "There's no way you can say that Mer-pups don't exist now."
  • Chase: "Huh?" (Turns around and sees Skye) "Pup! Fish tail? Skye.... Mer-pup!" (Faints)

  • Ryder: "Wow! Is that Rocky, with a... a fish tail?"
  • Rubble: "I can't even get that pup near a bubble bath!"

  • Cap'n Turbot: "I must get photos of our fantastical finned friends before the magical moon is gone!"
  • Marshall: "What's all that mean?"
  • Chase: "I think he wants to take a picture."

  • Marshall: "So Chase, what do you think about mer-pups now?"
  • Chase: "Mer-pups? Everyone knows they're real."

  • Skye: "See you next magical mer-moon mer-pups!"
  • Zuma: "It was totally awesome to flipper around with you!"
  • Rocky: "Yeah, it was so cool swimming with you!" (Receives looks from Skye and Zuma) "What? It was! Getting wet isn't so bad when you have a fish tail."

  • Ryder: "I think it's time to start dreaming about Mer-pups."

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