Pups Save a Herd



  • Marley makes his debut.
  • Sylvia, who is briefly shown in the beginning of the episode, and during a scene when Mayor Goodway calls Ryder, bears a resemblance to Chase, except she has more of a blue-ish fur pattern.
  • A sheep appears on the title card along with Chase.
  • The title of the title card is the color of a sheep.
  • This is the third time a pup (Chase) has been on a contest on live T.V. (The first being Marshall in "Pups Fight Fire" and the second being Rocky in "Pup-Tacular".)
  • In this episode, Ryder does not say, "Whenever you're in trouble, just yelp (or whatever is substituted) for help!"
  • This episode sees Ron Pardo (Farmer Al) be promoted to "Also Starring" from being a "Guest" in the previous season, as listed from the Internet Movie Database.

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