Pups Save a Ghost



  • Ryder wore his pajamas for the first time.
    • His slippers also resemble the look of Chase.
  • Chase, Rocky, and Rubble are seen whimpering in one part of the episode.
    • This is the first time multiple pups have whimpered.
  • It is revealed that Marshall sleepwalks.


  • A big error occurred for some viewers during the premiere of this episode. For the first minute, "Pups Save a Show" was showing, when it abruptly cut to this episode.
    • On the other hand, the Brazilian, British, Italian, and Latin American broadcasts of Nickelodeon and of Nick Jr. places this episode as the second half instead while "Pups Save a Show" serves as the first half. The Brazilian and Latin American broadcasts later reversed this following the Brazilian redub of the episodes.
  • Chase's pup-pack disappears when they go in to investigate the "Pup Pup Boogie Monster", but it's back again in the next scene.