This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save a Ghost" from Season 2, which premiered on October 20, 2014 in the United States, and on November 22, 2014 in Canada.

00:00:44 Rubble: (Snoring)
00:00:52 (Sound): (Hooting)
00:00:54 Rubble: Huh?
00:00:56 Rubble: Whoa!
00:00:59 Rubble: Hey, where'd this hole come from?
00:01:01 (Sound): (Whimpering)
00:01:02 Rubble: Ah!
00:01:02 Rubble: (Whimpering)
00:01:06 Rubble: Little Hootie?
00:01:08 Rubble: (Laughing)
00:01:09 Rubble: Phew. I mean, I knew that wasn't a ghost.
00:01:14 (Sound): (Air whooshing)
00:01:23 Rubble: But that's a ghost!
00:01:25 Little Hootie: (Hooting)
00:01:26 (Sound): (Air whooshing)
00:01:30 Chase: (Howling)
00:01:33 Chase: I made it!
00:01:35 Marshall: My turn, my turn, my turn!
00:01:38 Marshall: Oof!
00:01:40 Chase: (Gasping)
00:01:42 Marshall: Don't worry, I'm good.
00:01:44 Marshall: Well, not good at jumping, but you know what I mean.
00:01:47 Pups: (Laughing)
00:01:50 Rocky: Now it's my turn.
00:01:52 Rocky: Whoa!
00:01:53 Rubble: Rocky?
00:01:54 Marshall: Where'd he go?
00:01:56 Rocky: Uh, Rubble, did you dig a hole in the middle of the yard?
00:01:59 Rubble: I didn't dig that.
00:02:00 Rubble: I fell in a hole last night too when I heard the...
00:02:03 Rubble: Uh... Well, uh...
00:02:06 Rocky: Heard the what?
00:02:07 Rubble: Oh, nothing. Just Little Hootie, I guess.
00:02:11 Ryder: Hey, pups, how's it going?
00:02:13 Rocky: Not so great, Ryder.
00:02:14 Rocky: Someone's been digging holes and leaving toys all over.
00:02:17 Ryder: Hmm. Maybe some wild animal was prowling around last night.
00:02:22 Rubble: Or some wild ghost!
00:02:24 Marshall: Ghost?!
00:02:25 Chase and Skye: No way!
00:02:26 Zuma: Spooky.
00:02:27 Ryder: It's definitely a mystery.
00:02:29 Rubble: Well, I saw something last night and it looked pretty ghosty to me.
00:02:37 Rubble: (Snoring)
00:02:39 (Music): (Music playing)
00:02:40 Rubble: Ah!
00:02:43 Rubble: Whoa!
00:02:44 Rubble: Sounds like "Pup-Pup Boogie"?
00:02:47 Rubble: In the middle of the night?
00:02:50 Rubble: Okay, you-you… Pup-Pup Boogie-monster.
00:02:54 (Sound): (Air whooshing)
00:02:55 Rubble: Come out!
00:02:56 Rubble: Huh?
00:03:01 (Sound): (Air whooshing)
00:03:04 Rubble: Ah! Ghost!
00:03:06 Ryder: It's okay, Rubble. It's just me.
00:03:09 Rubble: Yeah, sorry.
00:03:11 Rubble: But I did just see a white thing floating outside, and heard someone playing "Pup-Pup Boogie".
00:03:18 Ryder: Maybe someone forgot to turn off the game?
00:03:21 Rubble: That bag of puppy treats wasn't out here when I went to bed.
00:03:25 Rubble: It's definitely a ghost.
00:03:27 Ryder: We'll figure it out, Rubble.
00:03:29 Ryder: No job is too big, no pup is too small.
00:03:32 Ryder: PAW Patrol, to the Lookout!
00:03:34 Pups: (All yawning)
00:03:35 Pups: Ryder needs us.
00:03:39 Marshall: Hey, who left all the toys out?
00:03:42 Pups: (Barking)
00:03:46 Rocky: Whoa!
00:03:49 Marshall: Rocky, shush.
00:03:52 Marshall: (Giggling)
00:03:54 Marshall: Whoa!
00:03:55 (Sound): (Crashing)
00:03:57 Pups: (Laughing)
00:03:59 Marshall: I said shush.
00:04:00 Pups: (Laughing)
00:04:16 Chase: PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder, sir.
00:04:20 Ryder: Sorry to wake you pups, but strange things are happening at the Lookout.
00:04:25 Ryder: Someone's digging holes, dropping toys, playing games late at night, and swiping treats.
00:04:32 Pups: (All gasping)
00:04:33 Zuma: Our Treats?!
00:04:33 Rocky: We've got to find them!
00:04:34 Chase: No way!
00:04:34 Skye: Who would do that?!
00:04:35 Marshall: Not the cookies!
00:04:36 Ryder: Rubble thinks it might be a ghost, so we need to set up a trap to figure it out.
00:04:43 Ryder: I need Super Spy Chase's night vision goggles to find out what's really going on.
00:04:48 Chase: Spy Chase is on the case.
00:04:54 Ryder: I also need Rocky and his tool arm to help build the trap.
00:04:56 Rocky: Green means go!
00:04:58 Pups: (Yawning)
00:04:59 Ryder: The rest of you sleepy pups can go back to bed.
00:05:02 Ryder: All right! PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:05:05 Pups: (Barking)
00:05:09 (Music):
00:05:49 (Sound): (Tires screeching)
00:05:51 (Sound): (Sirens wailing)
00:06:03 Ryder: Okay, Chase, find a good hiding spot to keep an eye on the backyard.
00:06:07 Chase: You got it, Ryder.
00:06:14 Chase: Super Spy Chase is on the case.
00:06:19 Rocky: Hiya, Chase. Good hiding spot.
00:06:21 Chase: Huh?
00:06:22 Chase: Why do I always forget the tail?
00:06:24 Chase: (Sighing)
00:06:26 Ryder: Come on, Rocky. Let's build that trap.
00:06:31 Rocky: The cookie goes here, and if anyone tries to take it, this bell will ring…
00:06:35 (Sound): (Bell ringing)
00:06:36 Rocky: …and the air nozzle will blow the sheet on to the intruder, catching it.
00:06:40 Rocky: Unless it's a ghost.
00:06:41 Ryder: Ghosts don't usually eat dog treats.
00:06:44 Rocky: You're right, unless it's a dog ghost.
00:06:47 Ryder: (Laughing)
00:06:51 Ryder: Hey, Chase, how's everything?
00:06:53 Chase: In position, Ryder. Standby.
00:06:55 Chase: Ruff! Night vision goggles.
00:06:59 Chase: All clear.
00:07:01 Ryder: Great job, Spy Chase.
00:07:03 Ryder: I'll check on the other pups.
00:07:06 Chase: Over and out, Ryder, sir.
00:07:08 Chase: Ruff! Suction cups.
00:07:20 Chase: An intruder following Ryder. Chase is on the case!
00:07:23 Chase: Ruff! Ruff! Zip line!
00:07:30 Chase: Whoa!
00:07:36 Rocky: Ah! I caught the ghost!
00:07:38 Rubble: What? A ghost?!
00:07:40 Rubble: Ah!
00:07:41 Chase: A ghost?
00:07:42 Rocky: Really?
00:07:43 Ryder: Pups! No, it's me, Ryder.
00:07:46 Rubble: Oh, no, the ghost got Ryder.
00:07:48 Ryder: No, Rubble, the ghost didn't get me, the trap did.
00:07:52 Chase: Sorry, Ryder, I saw something following you.
00:07:56 Rubble: That was me.
00:07:58 Ryder: That's okay. You were both trying to help.
00:08:01 Chase and Rubble: (Laughing)
00:08:02 Chase: Guess we should keep looking?
00:08:03 Rubble: Yeah.
00:08:06 Rubble: Hear that? It's the Pup-Pup Boogie-monster!
00:08:10 Ryder: I'd better check this out.
00:08:12 Pups: (Whimpering)
00:08:13 (Music): (Music playing)
00:08:16 Ryder: Hmm.
00:08:17 Rubble: It was a ghost.
00:08:19 Ryder: It is kind of a mystery.
00:08:21 Ryder: I need all paws on deck.
00:08:23 Ryder: Skye, Zuma, Marshall, meet me in the backyard.
00:08:28 Skye and Zuma: (Yawning)
00:08:29 Ryder: Sorry to wake you up again, pups, but I need you all…
00:08:34 Ryder: Hey, where's Marshall?
00:08:37 Rubble: Did the ghost get him?
00:08:39 Pups: (All gasping)
00:08:40 Ryder: He's probably still asleep.
00:08:42 Ryder: Let's check his pup house.
00:08:48 Skye: Ryder, look!
00:08:49 Rubble: The ghost?
00:08:50 Pups: (Gasping)
00:08:51 (Sound): (Air whooshing)
00:08:55 Marshall: (Snoring)
00:08:59 Zuma: That's not a ghost, it's Marshall!
00:09:02 Skye: Hello? Earth to Marshall!
00:09:05 Rubble: Where are you going?
00:09:06 Ryder: Pups, it looks like Marshall's sleepwalking.
00:09:09 Ryder: And snow he's sleep-skateboarding!
00:09:12 Ryder: That's not good.
00:09:13 Ryder: Chase, let's go!
00:09:16 Rubble: He can't skate that well when he's awake.
00:09:18 Rubble and Zuma: (Laughing)
00:09:20 Marshall: (Snoring)
00:09:23 Ryder: Marshall, it's Ryder. Wake up!
00:09:27 Ryder: Chase! Your zip line!
00:09:29 Chase: Great idea! Ruff! Zip line!
00:09:36 Chase: Got him!
00:09:37 Marshall: (Snoring)
00:09:42 Chase: Lost him.
00:09:46 Ryder: Zuma, I need you down at the docks!
00:09:49 Zuma: No worries, I'm right here.
00:09:51 Marshall: (Snoring)
00:09:56 Zuma: Whoa! Awesome move!
00:09:59 Marshall: (Snoring)
00:10:07 Zuma: Uh-oh!
00:10:14 Seagulls: (Cawing)
00:10:15 Marshall: Huh?
00:10:16 Marshall: (Yawning)
00:10:18 Marshall: (Laughing)
00:10:19 Marshall: I was having this silly dream that I was...
00:10:21 Marshall: (Gasping)
00:10:22 Marshall: Surfing on a whale!
00:10:25 Marshall: Whoa!
00:10:26 Marshall: Help!
00:10:29 Marshall: Uh-oh.
00:10:31 Zuma: Hang tight, dude.
00:10:32 Zuma: (Barking) Buoy!
00:10:39 Zuma: Don't worry, Marshall. You're safe, sound and awake.
00:10:43 Marshall: Uh, all right. Thanks, Zuma!
00:10:48 Marshall: Whoa!
00:10:50 Marshall: Oof! I'm good!
00:10:52 Marshall: Ryder? Chase? What's up?
00:10:55 Ryder: We figured out who the Pup-Pup Boogie monster is.
00:10:58 Marshall: Who?
00:10:59 Ryder: You! You've been sleepwalking.
00:11:02 Marshall: Sleepwalking?
00:11:03 Marshall: No wonder my legs are so tired in the morning!
00:11:06 Ryder: Don't worry, Marshall, even when a PAW Patrol pup is in trouble, they just have to yelp…
00:11:11 Chase and Zuma: Or snore.
00:11:12 Chase and Zuma: (Laughing)
00:11:13 Ryder: For help.
00:11:16 Ryder: Okay, all you good pups, time to go to bed, and stay there!
00:11:21 (Sound): (Air whooshing)
00:11:23 Ryder: Did Rubble find more ghosts?
00:11:26 Marshall: There is a ghost.
00:11:28 Ryder: Or a Rubble caught in the ghost trap.
00:11:33 Rubble: I found the double liver chip cookies!
00:11:36 Rubble: Yummy!
00:11:37 Everyone: (Laughing)