Pups Save a Frog Mayor

Frog Mayor 24


  • Mayor Goodway: "Oh, a little to the left. No, no, um, a back a bit, forward just a tad."
  • Rubble: "Sounds like a dance move."

  • Rocky: "A wishing well! Wouldn't it be fun if the wishing well were real? And it could make our wishes come true?"
  • Rubble: "Yeah. I wish it were full of treats!"

  • Ryder: "No job is too big, no frog is too small!"

  • Marshall: "Oops, I should've looked before I leaped."

  • Chase: "Nothing under here. Except for a pretty nice looking bone. Mmm, yum."

  • Mayor Goodway (as a frog): "A little to the left! A little to the right! Ribbit! Back a bit, forward just a tadpole!" (Laughs) "See what I did there?"

  • Ryder: "Whenever you're in trouble, just wish for help!"