Pups Save a Flying Kitty

PAW Patrol Pups Save a Flying Kitty 23


  • Cap'n Turbot: "What a dandy day for beholding the beauty for bountiful birdies.

  • Ryder: "We'll take care of it. No kitten is to high and no pup is too small."

  • Mr. Porter: "Well, hello there, Mayor Humdinger, is everything alright?"
  • Mayor Humdinger: "No, Mr. Porter, everything is not alright. I lost a kitty, and now I have to walk around in these horrible, soaking wet socks."
  • Alex: "Gosh, Mayor Humdinger. You seem more upset about your socks than your missing pet."

  • Chase: "Sure gets dark early around here."
  • Marshall: "It's not dark. You've got a sock on your face."
  • Chase: "That explains the stinky smell."