This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save a Floundering Francois" from Season 2, which premiered on May 29, 2015 in the United States.

00:00:45 Chase: (Barking) Cones.
00:00:51 Chase: (Barking) Megaphone.
00:00:55 Chase: Stand back. Pups are work here.
00:00:58 Rubble: One nice and smelly flower shrub.
00:01:03 Rubble: Done and done.
00:01:05 Resident: (Applause)
00:01:07 Woman: Mmm, something smells great.
00:01:10 Rubble: Thanks. Ryder just gave me a bath last week.
00:01:13 Woman: Mmm.
00:01:14 Rubble: And… the flowers smell nice too.
00:01:17 Chase and Rubble: (Both laughing)
00:01:19 Cap'n Turbot: Nothing yet.
00:01:22 Cap'n Turbot: Oh, I see something!
00:01:22 Francois: I see something too.
00:01:25 Cap'n Turbot and Francois: Oh! (Both laughing)
00:01:27 Cap'n Turbot: Keep a sharp lookout, Francois. I'm sure I saw something big and white out there.
00:01:31 Francois: If it really is the white whale, she will make a great picture.
00:01:35 Cap'n Turbot: A perfect picture would be prized by popular publications.
00:01:38 Cap'n Turbot: Hey, over there!
00:01:42 Francois: Aah! Go that way.
00:01:46 Francois: No, wait.
00:01:47 Cap'n Turbot: Huh?
00:01:48 Francois: Back that way.
00:01:50 Francois: Right. No, left.
00:01:53 Francois: No…
00:01:54 Cap'n Turbot: Whoa!
00:01:58 Cap'n Turbot and Francois: (Both groaning)
00:02:00 Francois: (Laughing nervously)
00:02:01 Francois: The white rock, it looked like the white whale.
00:02:05 Francois: Kind of.
00:02:06 Cap'n Turbot: Obviously not. But that is!
00:02:08 White whale: (Chirping)
00:02:11 Francois: Francois, are we getting shorter?
00:02:14 Francois: Hmm.
00:02:17 Francois: Aah! We're sinking!
00:02:19 Cap'n Turbot: We need the PAW Patrol.
00:02:24 Rocky: Fresh watermelon from Yumi's farm.
00:02:26 Ryder: Perfect on a sunny day.
00:02:29 Ryder: Yum.
00:02:31 Marshall: Watermelon? Save a slice for me.
00:02:33 Marshall: Whoa!
00:02:35 (Sound): (Crashing)
00:02:36 Everyone: (All laughing)
00:02:37 (Sound): (Cell phone ringing)
00:02:39 Ryder: Ryder here.
00:02:40 Cap'n Turbot: Hi, Ryder. Good news and bad news.
00:02:42 Cap'n Turbot: The good news is we spotted the mysterious white whale.
00:02:45 Cap'n Turbot: The bad news is...
00:02:47 Francois: Help!
00:02:48 Cap'n Turbot: ...we hit a rock.
00:02:50 Francois: The rock, she hit us.
00:02:52 Ryder: Don't worry. No job is too big, no pup is too small.
00:02:57 Ryder: PAW Patrol, (Beeping) to the Lookout.
00:03:00 Pups: Ryder needs us.
00:03:02 Marshall: I'll take my watermelon to go.
00:03:05 Marshall: Whoa!
00:03:07 Marshall: Look out!
00:03:08 Pups: (All barking and howling)
00:03:12 Chase: Wait, where's Marshall?
00:03:13 Marshall: Incoming! Whoa!
00:03:16 (Sound): (Crashing)
00:03:17 Pups: (All groaning)
00:03:21 Marshall: Delicious.
00:03:22 Pups: (All laughing)
00:03:34 (Sound): (Elevator dinging)
00:03:40 Chase: PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder, sir.
00:03:43 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:03:44 Ryder: Thanks for racing over, pups.
00:03:46 Ryder: The Flounder has hit a rock and sprung a leak.
00:03:49 Francois (On the screen): The rock hit us!
00:03:51 Ryder: Chase, I need your winch to pull the boat to the dock.
00:03:55 Chase: Chase is on the case.
00:03:58 Ryder: Rubble, I need your crane to lift one end of the boat.
00:04:01 Rubble: Rubble on the double.
00:04:04 Ryder: Rocky, I need you to use your recycled materials to make a pulley so Chase can lift the other end.
00:04:09 Ryder: Then we'll need your tool arm to help patch the Flounder.
00:04:12 Rocky: Green means go.
00:04:14 Ryder: All right. PAW Patrol is on a roll.
00:04:18 Rubble: Whoo-hoo!
00:04:21 (Music): ♪ (Deployment sequence for Chase, Rocky, and Rubble)
00:05:01 (Sound): (Tires screeching)
00:05:03 (Sound): (Siren wailing)
00:05:12 Ryder: There they are, pups.
00:05:13 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:05:14 Ryder: Life jacket deploy.
00:05:17 (Sound): (Siren wailing)
00:05:22 (Sound): (Water sloshing)
00:05:23 Cap'n Turbot: Hey, watch it.
00:05:24 Francois: (Grunting)
00:05:26 Cap'n Turbot: PAW Patrol!
00:05:27 Francois: Here we are!
00:05:30 Francois: The lights, they are out.
00:05:38 (Music):
00:05:43 Ryder: Chase, give me your winch hook.
00:05:45 Chase: (Barking) Winch.
00:05:46 Cap'n Turbot: Ah, just in time, Ryder.
00:05:58 Cap'n Turbot: My fabulous Flounder is, well... floundering!
00:06:02 Ryder: We'll have it fixed good as new, Cap'n.
00:06:04 Ryder: Okay, Chase, easy does it.
00:06:07 Chase: (Barking) Pull them in, winch.
00:06:15 Cap'n Turbot: Yeah! Way to go!
00:06:17 Cap'n Turbot: Whoo-hoo!
00:06:18 Ryder: How's that pulley coming, Rocky?
00:06:19 Rocky: I'm almost there, Ryder.
00:06:24 Rocky: Pulley is good to go, Ryder.
00:06:26 Ryder: Give it a lift, Rubble.
00:06:27 Rubble: Rubble on the double.
00:06:30 Rubble: (Barking) Crane.
00:06:38 Ryder: Great work, Rubble.
00:06:41 Ryder: Let's secure the post.
00:06:42 Rocky: (Barking) Screwdriver.
00:06:44 (Music):
00:06:56 Cap'n Turbot: Perfect.
00:06:57 Ryder: Okay, pups. One, two, three.
00:07:01 Chase: (Barking) Winch.
00:07:02 Rubble: (Barking) Crane.
00:07:04 (Sound): (Machinery whirring)
00:07:09 Everyone: (All cheering)
00:07:11 Ryder: Are you ready to fix that hole, Rocky?
00:07:13 Rocky: I don't waste anything, including time.
00:07:16 Rocky: We'll get this ship shipshape.
00:07:19 Rocky: (Barking) Screwdriver.
00:07:26 Ryder: Good as new.
00:07:28 Ryder: Now let's see if she floats.
00:07:30 (Sound): (Machinery whirring)
00:07:34 Cap'n Turbot: You did it, pups. Thanks, Ryder.
00:07:36 Ryder: Happy to help, Cap'n.
00:07:39 Francois: Is it my turn to drive yet?
00:07:42 Cap'n Turbot: Maybe we should take a break.
00:07:46 Cap'n Turbot: That white whale is out there somewhere.
00:07:49 Francois: (Yodelling)
00:07:50 Cap'n Turbot: Whoa!
00:07:52 Cap'n Turbot: What was that?
00:07:54 Francois: My whale call.
00:07:55 Cap'n Turbot: Oh. Where did my glasses go?
00:07:58 Cap'n Turbot: Clumsy me.
00:08:01 White whale: (Chirping)
00:08:03 Francois: Aah! I see the whale. We must go now!
00:08:09 Cap'n Turbot: Oh, there they are.
00:08:10 (Sound): (Boat horn blowing)
00:08:11 Cap'n Turbot: Hey, wait for me!
00:08:13 Cap'n Turbot: Wait! There's a...
00:08:14 Cap'n Turbot: Oh!
00:08:17 Cap'n Turbot: (Coughing)
00:08:19 Cap'n Turbot: ...storm blowing in.
00:08:21 (Sound): (Thunder rumbling)
00:08:22 Francois: Whoa, this storm is big.
00:08:24 Francois: Maybe I should turn back.
00:08:26 Francois: Ah, there it is. The white whale.
00:08:30 Francois: (Panting)
00:08:33 Francois: Whoa!
00:08:36 Francois: Help!
00:08:38 Francois: Come back, boat! Don't leave me alone in the water!
00:08:43 Francois: Huh?
00:08:44 Francois: Whoa!
00:08:45 Francois: Help!
00:08:48 Francois: I want to ride the boat, not the whale.
00:08:52 Francois: Help!
00:08:54 Cap'n Turbot: Francois!
00:08:55 Cap'n Turbot: We need the PAW Patrol… again!
00:08:58 Ryder: So it was actually Chickaletta that figured it out.
00:09:00 Everyone: (All laughing)
00:09:02 (Sound): (Cell phone ringing)
00:09:05 Ryder: Another emergency, Cap'n?
00:09:07 Cap'n Turbot: Afraid so, Ryder. Look.
00:09:08 Cap'n Turbot: Francois has found the whale... underneath him!
00:09:12 Ryder: Wow! That looks awesome!
00:09:14 Cap'n Turbot: Yeah, but the Flounder is flailing adrift.
00:09:17 Ryder: Zuma, Skye, we've got to rescue Francois. Again.
00:09:20 Ryder: Let's roll.
00:09:22 Pups: (Barking and cheering)
00:09:28 Ryder: Cap'n Turbot, ride with me. I'll get you on the Flounder.
00:09:32 Cap'n Turbot: Whoo-hoo-hoo!
00:09:34 Cap'n Turbot: Thanks, Ryder.
00:09:35 Cap'n Turbot: Sometimes my cousin is a real… Ow.
00:09:38 Cap'n Turbot: Pain in the… Oh, ow.
00:09:40 Cap'n Turbot: Bottom.
00:09:44 Ryder: Skye, can you spot Francois?
00:09:49 Skye: Ryder, I see them.
00:09:51 Ryder: Zuma, catch up with Skye and help Francois.
00:09:54 Zuma: Let's dive in.
00:09:57 Cap'n Turbot: How can I get onboard?
00:09:58 Ryder: How about we both get onboard?
00:10:01 Ryder: Hold on tight.
00:10:03 Cap'n Turbot: Whoa!
00:10:05 Cap'n Turbot: Are we there yet?
00:10:07 Ryder: High and dry, Cap'n.
00:10:08 Cap'n Turbot: Oh! Whoo-hoo!
00:10:11 Francois: Help!
00:10:13 Skye: Hurry, the whale's getting away.
00:10:17 Francois: Get me off this thing!
00:10:20 Francois: (Screaming)
00:10:23 Cap'n Turbot: Hello, you big beauty.
00:10:25 Francois: (Francois screaming)
00:10:28 Francois: Help, Horatio!
00:10:30 Francois: Whoa!
00:10:31 Cap'n Turbot: Got those pictures you wanted, Francois.
00:10:34 Francois: Help!
00:10:35 Francois: Whoa!
00:10:36 Zuma: (Barking) Buoy.
00:10:42 Ryder: Nice shot, Zuma.
00:10:43 Ryder: Skye, can you get the harness to him?
00:10:45 Skye: Sure can, Ryder.
00:10:50 Ryder: You got him.
00:10:52 Francois: Thank you, kind pups.
00:10:55 Skye: Special delivery.
00:10:59 Francois: Get me on the dry land, please!
00:11:02 Cap'n Turbot: An excellent idea.
00:11:05 Zuma: Bye, big dude.
00:11:07 White whale: (Chirping)
00:11:09 Ryder: Great teamwork. You're all good pups.
00:11:14 Francois: (Shivering)
00:11:15 Skye: Mmm. Thanks for the warm-up, Cap'n.
00:11:18 Cap'n Turbot: Thanks for the rescue, pups.
00:11:20 Cap'n Turbot: Both of them.
00:11:21 Francois: Ah, yes. Thank… (Sneezing) …you.
00:11:23 Francois: (Sniffling): Very much.
00:11:25 Ryder: Whenever you're in trouble, just yelp for help.
00:11:27 Cap'n Turbot: Like this?
00:11:29 Francois (On video cell): Aah! I found the whale!
00:11:33 Francois: Oh, the whale. She found me, huh?
00:11:36 Everyone: (All laughing)