Pups Save a Dragon

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  • Skye (as a witch pup): "You'll only wake to a true love's kiss! Myahahahaha!"
  • Ryder: "Kiss?"
  • (Katie opens her eye and looks at Ryder.)
  • Ryder: "I thought I was only supposed to slay the dragon!"

  • Katie: "I think it's time to take a break from rehearsing. One of our actors needs a little nap."
  • Marshall: "Who? Chase?" (Snores)

  • Ryder: "Okay, this is serious."
  • Rubble: "Seriously delicious." (Sniffs the sausage) "Nothing like perfectly barbecued liver sausages!"
  • Marshall: "Rubble! How could you think of your tummy at a time like this?"
  • Rubble: "'Cause, I always think about my tummy?"

  • Marshall: "Ha! Finally someone else wipes out for a change."

  • Rubble: "There's nothing like a whiskery kiss from her own kitty-witty!"

  • Rubble: "A 720-degree turn? Nice!"

  • Chase: "Don't worry, Marshall. Your wingman's arrived!"

  • Ryder: "Thanks, dragon. And whenever you're in trouble, just roar for help! But without the fire, please."

  • Skye: "I think he's kinda cute. Like a big sweet Dalmatian." (giggles)
  • Marshall: "Aww. He's just a big softie."

  • Marshall: "And this is the... end."