Pups Save a Dolphin Pup

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  • Due to Marshall's elevator mess-up, the elevator left without him and he had to climb Ryder's pole to get to the observatory.
  • Since Marshall wasn't in the elevator, the inflatable dolphin wore his uniform instead.
  • Marshall said "Ready for action Ryder, sir." Instead of Chase. 
  • Cap'n Turbot accidentally said "Hi Dolphin, there's a Baby Ryder," making him the second character to flub-up a line On-air (First was Rubble)
  • This is the first time ALL the pups are shown without their headgear and their pup packs.
  • Although Ryder was too big to fit into Rubble's construction rig in the episode Pup Pup Boogie, he was able to fit into Zuma's hovercraft. Apparently he made some upgrades on the pup vehicles so humans can also fit in them.

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