Pups Save a Big Bone

Rubble and Ryder Laughing


  • Zuma: "A dinosaur? Cool!" (pauses) "Are there any still around?"
  • Skye: "Nope, they're all extinct, Zuma."
  • Rubble: "When I'm ex-stinked, Ryder just gives me a bath."

  • Rubble: "What this road needs is a little TLR: tender, loving Rubble."

  • Rubble: (refers to dinosaur bone) "My would I like to chew on that." (stomach growls)

  • Francois: "I have found ze perfect dinosaur bone! I will be ze paleontologist of ze year!"
  • Cap'n Turbot: "Francois?"
  • Francois: "Eh, I mean we will be ze paleontologists of ze year. And ze pups."

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