Pups Save a Bat

Morshull is stuck in the KAYGE MOGGLE


(Ryder summons the pups to the Lookout. Marshall is still trying to catch a Frisbee.)

  • Marshall: "Uh, Frisbee or Lookout? Frisbee or Lookout?" *gasps* "Both!"
  • Skye: (as the other pups enter the elevator) "Watch out!"

(Marshall jumps to catch the Frisbee and crashes into the elevator off-screen.)

  • Marshall: (with Frisbee in mouth) "Frisbee and Lookout."

  • Chase: "Shh. Don't wake him."
  • Marshall: "What?"
  • Chase: *sighs* "Megaphone. Ruff." (over megaphone) "Don't wake him!"

  • Chase: "Rock-a-bye batty, ruff, ruff-ruff ruff."

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