Pups Save a Basketball Game

PAW Patrol Pups Save a Basketball Game Adventure Bay All-Stars Foggy Bottom Boomers Cap'n Turbot


  • This is the 2nd time the pups play basketball in the show, with the first being in "Pups and the Pirate Treasure."
  • This is the second episode where a pup gets hurt on the job.
  • Mayor Goodway rides in the elevator with the pups for the first time.
    • She (and Chickaletta) also went down the slide with Chase, making this the first time a human character's name is shouted by the background voices when he or she goes down the slide, as Alex's name was not shouted in "Pups Save Alex." Unlike the Mayor, however, Chickaletta's name is not shouted.
  • The Foggy Bottom Boomers make their first appearance.
  • Ryder and the pups wear basketball jerseys for the first time.
    • The jersey numbers Ryder and the pups wore were the same numbers as their vehicles.
  • This is the last PAW Patrol episode to premiere in 2014.
  • A basketball appears on the title card along with Marshall.
  • The Adventure Bay All-Stars is a reference to an NBA team, the Golden State Warriors while the Foggy Bottom Boomers is also a reference to another NBA team, the Phoenix Suns.


  • As Rubble is growling at a member of the Foggy Bottom Boomers, Cap'n Turbot is shown in his normal attire for several seconds. He is shown in his referee outfit once the scene changes.
  • Once Ryder shoots the free-throw, Marshall is seen in his medical attire. When he tries to get the ball, he's in his sports jersey.