This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save a Basketball Game" from Season 2, which premiered on November 20, 2014 in the United States, and on February 11, 2015 in Canada.

00:11:45 Skye: Here it comes, Skye's super sky hook.
00:11:48 Skye: (Barking)
00:11:51 Skye: Nothing but hoop.
00:11:53 Mayor Goodway: Nice shot, Skye. Show us your stuff, Rocky.
00:11:56 Rocky: Here comes the Rocky spin and shoot.
00:11:59 Rocky: Yahoo!
00:12:03 Rocky: Yes!
00:12:04 Mayor Goodway: Oh, my! How about you, Marshall?
00:12:06 Marshall: Okay! Here comes the, uh...
00:12:09 Marshall: famous Dalmatian Dunk!
00:12:13 Marshall: Whoa!
00:12:14 Mayor Goodway: Look out!
00:12:15 Marshall: Whoa!
00:12:16 Mayor Humdinger: (Grunting)
00:12:17 Mayor Humdinger: Careful, you blundering beagle.
00:12:20 Marshall: Sorry, Mayor Humdinger. Oh, and I'm a Dalmatian.
00:12:24 Mayor Goodway: Sorry, we were just practicing basketball.
00:12:27 Mayor Goodway: Are you all right?
00:12:28 Mayor Humdinger: Ah! Just a little bump on my foggy bottom.
00:12:31 Mayor Goodway: "Foggy bottom," because you're from Foggy Bottom.
00:12:35 Mayor Goodway: Nice one.
00:12:36 Mayor Humdinger: Yes, well, if your pups need lessons, my undefeated Foggy Bottom basketball team would be happy to help.
00:12:42 Mayor Goodway: Ha! If your basketball team played our basketball team, they wouldn't be undefeated for long.
00:12:48 Mayor Humdinger: (Laughing)
00:12:49 Mayor Humdinger: Really?
00:12:50 Mayor Humdinger: The Foggy Bottom Boomers are always game for a little game.
00:12:53 Mayor Goodway: Bring on your Boomers, Mayor.
00:12:56 Mayor Goodway: We'll see which town has the top team.
00:12:58 Both: Done!
00:12:59 Marshall and Skye: Uh-oh.
00:13:01 Mayor Humdinger: Now, if you'll excuse me, my Boomers need to prepare for this laughable long shot.
00:13:06 Mayor Humdinger: (Laughing manically)
00:13:09 Marshall: But, Mayor Goodway, aren't you forgetting something?
00:13:12 Mayor Goodway: Oh... keys, wallet, chicken...
00:13:15 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:13:16 Mayor Goodway: What could I be forgetting?
00:13:17 Marshall: That Adventure Bay doesn't have a basketball team.
00:13:20 Mayor Goodway: We don't? Well, that's just a disaster!
00:13:23 Mayor Goodway: We can't beat Foggy Bottom if we don't even have a basketball team.
00:13:28 Mayor Goodway: What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?
00:13:30 Marshall: Whenever there's an emergency, we call Ryder.
00:13:33 Mayor Goodway: Yes! Chickaletta, call Ryder.
00:13:35 (Sound): (Dialing)
00:13:36 (Sound): (Phone ringing)
00:13:38 Ryder: Ryder here. Hey, Chickaletta. What's up?
00:13:40 Chickaletta: (Chickaletta clucking)
00:13:41 Ryder: Yes, I'll hold.
00:13:43 Mayor Goodway: Mayor Humdinger challenged Adventure Bay to a basketball game and we don't even have a team.
00:13:47 Ryder: Well then, we'd better get one.
00:13:49 Ryder: No job is too big, no pup is too small for basketball!
00:13:53 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:13:54 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:13:55 Ryder: PAW Patrol, to the Lookout!
00:13:57 Pups: Ryder needs us!
00:14:01 Pups: (Barking and laughing)
00:14:06 Marshall: Hey, guys, watch this trick.
00:14:09 Pups: (Gasping)
00:14:11 Marshall: Ha! Missed me.
00:14:15 Pups: (Laughing)
00:14:17 Mayor Goodway: Wait for me.
00:14:18 Pups: Huh?
00:14:30 (Sound): (Elevator bell dinging)
00:14:36 Chase: PAW Patrol reporting for duty…
00:14:37 Mayor Goodway: Excuse me, coming through.
00:14:39 Chase: …Ryder, sir.
00:14:41 Ryder: Thanks for coming so quickly, pups.
00:14:42 Ryder: We have…
00:14:43 Mayor Goodway: We have a major hoopla on our hands, a basketball hoopla.
00:14:48 Ryder: Mayor Goodway needs a team to play basketball tomorrow against Foggy Bottom's team.
00:14:52 Mayor Goodway: Yes. Mayor Humdinger thinks his team can't be beat.
00:14:56 Chase: We'll do our best, Mayor.
00:14:58 Mayor Goodway: That's all I ask. Although, winning wouldn't be bad either.
00:15:02 Ryder: We only have one day to get ready.
00:15:05 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:15:05 Ryder: Chase, I'll need you to use your whistle, megaphone and traffic cones to help run the practice.
00:15:11 Chase: Chase is on the case.
00:15:13 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:15:14 Ryder: Marshall, I'll need your EMT gear standing by with water and ice to make sure no one gets overheated.
00:15:20 Marshall: I'm ready for a ruff ruff rescue!
00:15:23 Ryder: The rest of you pups, I need you to be the team.
00:15:26 (Sound): (Whistle blowing)
00:15:27 Mayor Goodway: We're wasting valuable time.
00:15:29 Mayor Goodway: PAW Patrol, you need to… you, uh...
00:15:33 Mayor Goodway: Ryder, what happens now?
00:15:35 Ryder: (Laughing)
00:15:36 Ryder: PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:15:38 Pups: (Barking)
00:15:39 Rubble: Wahoo!
00:15:40 (Music):
00:16:20 Mayor Goodway: Well, what are we waiting for? This is an emergency!
00:16:24 Mayor Goodway: Oh, and Chase, can you hit the siren? I love that.
00:16:28 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:16:29 Chase: (Laughing)
00:16:30 (Sound): (Siren sounding)
00:16:32 (Sound): (Tires squealing)
00:16:34 (Sound): (Siren sounding)
00:16:39 (Sound): (Siren continuing)
00:16:49 Chase: Okay, team, let's see some hustle.
00:16:52 Marshall: (Grunting)
00:16:55 Marshall: Whoa!
00:17:00 Mayor Goodway: A little too much hustle, Marshall.
00:17:02 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:17:03 (Sound): (Whistle blowing)
00:17:04 Chase: Go, team! Keep those paws up, Zuma.
00:17:12 Skye: (Barking)
00:17:13 Marshall: No!
00:17:19 Ryder: Sorry, Marshall.
00:17:22 Chase: Alley-oop and alley-up, you pups. Let's go, go, go!
00:17:30 Marshall: I got it! It's mine!
00:17:31 Pups: Oof!
00:17:36 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:17:37 Mayor Goodway: With plays like these it's going to be a great game!
00:17:40 Chase: Okay, pups, take five.
00:17:42 Pups: (Groaning)
00:17:44 Ryder and Chase: (Laughing)
00:17:52 Pups: (Gasping)
00:17:53 Marshall: That's the team we're playing?
00:17:55 Mayor Goodway: Mayor Humdinger, meet the Adventure Bay All-stars.
00:17:59 Mayor Goodway: Your team may have won every game they have ever played…
00:18:02 Marshall: Every game?
00:18:03 Mayor Goodway: But get on the bus, Mayor, we're taking your Boomers to school!
00:18:08 Mayor Humdinger: (Chuckling) A team of pups!
00:18:10 Mayor Humdinger: Ha!
00:18:12 Mayor Goodway: I hope the pups are ready, Ryder.
00:18:13 Ryder: All right, pups, let's shoot some hoops!
00:18:16 Pups: (Cheering)
00:18:19 Marshall: (Gulping)
00:18:20 Marshall: Ryder, I don't think I should play in the game.
00:18:23 Ryder: But you practiced so hard.
00:18:25 Marshall: It's just, well, if someone gets hurt, I want to be ready.
00:18:30 Ryder: Are you sure that's the reason?
00:18:33 Ryder: Okay, you don't have to play if you don't want to, but if you change your mind, let us know.
00:18:40 Ryder: Hmm...
00:18:43 Rubble: (Growling)
00:18:45 Cap'n Turbot: Okay, players, let's see super sportsmanship for this sporting spectacle.
00:18:49 (Sound): (Whistle blowing)
00:18:51 Rubble: Whoa!
00:18:52 Chase: (Barking)
00:18:56 Mayor Humdinger: Ha! Just let us know when you've had enough, Mayor Goodway.
00:19:00 Mayor Goodway: Don't count your chickens before they hatch, Mayor Humdinger.
00:19:03 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:19:04 Mayor Goodway: Oh, figure of speech, my dear.
00:19:12 Mayor Humdinger: Drat it all!
00:19:13 Mayor Goodway and Marshall: (Cheering and barking)
00:19:20 Mayor Goodway: All right!
00:19:23 Mayor Goodway: Yeah, bring it down!
00:19:26 Marshall: Yeah!
00:19:28 Mayor Humdinger: (Chuckling)
00:19:32 Ryder: Mine! Shoot!
00:19:34 Skye: (Barking)
00:19:39 Mayor Goodway: I can't believe the pups are ahead.
00:19:41 Mayor Goodway: I mean, go All-stars!
00:19:44 Mayor Humdinger: (Chuckling)
00:19:46 Mayor Humdinger: You know what to do.
00:19:49 Pups: (Barking)
00:19:52 (Sound): (Whistle blowing)
00:19:53 Cap'n Turbot: Foul on the Foggy Bottoms for forcing that flippity flop.
00:19:57 Pups: (Whimpering)
00:19:58 Ryder: Oh, no! Marshall, Zuma and Rocky need emergency medical attention.
00:20:03 Marshall: Here I come, Ryder.
00:20:05 Marshall: (Barking) X-ray screen!
00:20:13 Marshall: No breaks. It's just sprained.
00:20:16 Rocky: Thanks, Marshall.
00:20:17 Marshall: (Barking) Bandage!
00:20:23 Rocky: Oh, that feels better, Marshall. Thanks.
00:20:27 Marshall: No problem, Rocky.
00:20:28 Marshall: Now, let's put some ice on your tail, Zuma, to keep the swelling down.
00:20:35 Zuma: Thanks... I guess.
00:20:37 Ryder: Marshall, you want to play?
00:20:39 Marshall: What? Me?
00:20:41 Ryder: We need you, otherwise we don't have enough players.
00:20:45 Marshall: Uh, Ryder, you know, I'm kind of clumsy with the ball.
00:20:49 Skye: But we want you to play, Marshall.
00:20:52 Chase: Yeah, it doesn't matter how good you are, you're a part of the team.
00:20:56 Chase: No game is too big, no pup is too small.
00:21:00 Ryder: Marshall...
00:21:01 Together: Marshall!
00:21:02 Everyone: Marshall! Marshall!
00:21:05 Marshall: Okay, I'll try.
00:21:07 Everyone: (Cheering)
00:21:10 (Sound): (Whistle blowing)
00:21:16 Marshall: I got it!
00:21:21 Marshall: (Gasping, sighing)
00:21:24 Ryder: You'll get it next time, Marshall.
00:21:27 (Sound): (Teeth chattering)
00:21:29 (Sound): (Teeth chattering)
00:21:31 Skye: (Yipping)
00:21:32 Mayor Humdinger: Oh, double drats!
00:21:35 Chase: (Barking)
00:21:38 Mayor Goodway: (Groaning)
00:21:42 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:21:44 Mayor Humdinger: (Laughing)
00:21:45 Mayor Humdinger: Go Boomers!
00:21:52 Ryder: Marshall!
00:21:54 Marshall: Ah!
00:21:55 Marshall: Whoa!
00:21:57 Marshall: Whoa!
00:21:59 Marshall: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
00:22:02 Mayor Humdinger: (Gasping)
00:22:06 (Sound): (Buzzer sounding, whistle blowing)
00:22:09 Marshall: Look, I made a basket... with myself.
00:22:12 Everyone: (Barking and cheering)
00:22:18 Ryder: Great move, Marshall.
00:22:20 Skye: You won the game!
00:22:21 Rubble: Yee-haw!
00:22:22 Mayor Goodway: What an effort!
00:22:24 Mayor Goodway: What a game!
00:22:25 Mayor Humdinger: (Groaning)
00:22:26 Mayor Humdinger: Lost to a pack of pups.
00:22:28 Mayor Humdinger: (Groaning)
00:22:29 Mayor Goodway: What a team!
00:22:31 Ryder: If you ever need some all-stars, just yelp for help.
00:22:34 Pups: (Laughing)
00:22:36 Ryder: You've all been very good pups and players.
00:22:39 Marshall: (Giggling)