Pups Save their Friends!

Pups save their friends


Pups Save Their Friends! is a computer game released sometime in 2014. It is unknown whether the ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) rated it eC (Early Childhood) or E (Everyone). The game can be played here.


The following can be selected in either order:

  1. Skye has to fly to a crevice in order to rescue Chickaletta, but in the meantime, she has to get treats for energy, and she can increase her speed with feathers, but she has to avoid eagles, trees, or hot air balloons. Once she is there, she is secured to Chase's winch to be lowered in order to save Chickaletta.
  2. Zuma has to scuba-dive to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve Cap'n Turbot's binoculars (field glasses), and likewise, get energy from treats, but also to avoid fish and crabs. Then Rocky has to fix the binoculars.
  3. Finally, Marshall has to find nineteen (19) turtles and bring them to water. While doing this, he has to avoid logs, trees, rocks, etc. Once Marshall has found all nineteen turtles, Rubble has to drill a hole into the pond until it reaches the groundwater, avoiding any rocks that will interfere.

After the games are played in any order, the player can print the badges or play again.