"Pups Save Their Floating Friends" is the first segment of the 26th episode in Season 3 of PAW Patrol.


The PAW Patrol must repair an alien spaceship after it starts shooting out anti-gravity rays.


The Space Alien and Space Alien's Mother are enjoying the wildlife when their suits beep to let them know it's time for Apollo the Super-Pup. They beam back aboard their spaceship to watch it, but as the ship flies along, the dish for their float ray is broken off and flung back to the ground, leaving it to fire haphazardly all over the place. Despite hearing the noise and wondering what happened, the aliens ignore it and continue to watch Apollo.

Meanwhile, Ryder, Chase, and Marshall are called in to help rescue Alex's balloon that had got stuck in a tree, but things take a turn for the worse when the wild shots from the saucer cause Mayor Goodway, Mr. Porter, Alex Porter, Chickaletta, Ryder, and Chase to start to float away. Ryder and Chase are taken back to The Lookout by Marshall, and after Skye asks if he's okay, they notice Emma and Corny being victims as well. Ryder summons Robo-Dog and the Air Patroller before summoning the pups to it. Once the pups are aboard, with Ryder still being anchored at the Lookout, he assigns Chase and Rubble to go help all their friends, and the pups deploy for duty.

First off is rescuing Emma and Corny and returning them to Farmer Al. After that, Ryder has Skye go help Goodway and Chickaletta, planting them under the dome of City Hall to keep them safe. Ryder then gets a call from Cap'n Turbot regarding Mr. Porter and his grandson, and Ryder assigns Zuma to go help them, aided by the Captain.

Using the Lookout's periscope, Ryder finds the saucer, and assigns Rocky to help with repairing it. Finding the saucer and a trash can lid to act as the replacement dish, Rocky gets to work with the repairs, but is seen by the aliens, who realize something is wrong, and watch as Rocky repairs the dish, restoring it to working order. With the dish repaired, the floating everyone is suffering from wears off. First, Chase, Emma, and Corny are relieved of the floating phenomenon, followed by Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta. Mr. Porter falls into a barrel of seaweed, while his grandson, Alex, lands on the buoy. Garbie is also relieved of the floating so she can eat a snack of leaves. Skye, on the other hand, is forced to rush back to The Lookout to save Ryder from being hurt when he falls.

Afterwards, as the aliens offer their thanks, they reward the pups with making their treats float, but when Rubble eats too many of them, it causes him to start floating. Though Ryder, Cap'n Turbot, and the aliens are worried, the pups enjoy having some fun with Rubble, much to all their amusement.


Pups in Action

First Responders (1st Emergency)


  • Use his ladder to reach Alex's balloon.


  • Use his zipline to climb the tree and get Alex's balloon because Marshall's ladder couldn't reach.

First Responders (2nd Emergency)


  • Use his net to catch Emma and Corny.


  • Fly Emma and Corny back to Farmer Al's barn.


  • Fly the mayor and Chickaletta under the bell of City Hall so they won't drift away.


  • Prevent Alex and Mr. Porter from floating away.

Backup Responders (2nd Emergency)


  • Use a trampoline to prevent Ryder from hurting himself when he falls.


  • Fix the alien's spaceship anti-gravity beam.

DVD Inclusions

This episode appears in the following DVD(s):

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