Pups Save a Sports Day

PAW Patrol Pups Save Sports Day Scene 26


  • This is the first half-episode that did not premiere pairing with the same half-episode: "All Star Pups!" in the US and "Pups Save a Robo-Saurus" in Canada.
  • The pups wear the same sports outfits that they used in the new intro of Season 3.
  • Danny jumps in Everest's snowmobile for the first time.
  • This also marks the first time he rode in any of the pups' vehicles.
  • The things Rocky takes out of his recycling truck are his bowl and a teddy bear.


  • When the pups are working on the half pipe, Rubble's rig is the only vehicle present next to it. But when Everest stops her snowmobile (after Danny used it to spread snow), Ryder, Marshall, and Rocky's vehicles appear out of nowhere.