Pups Save Ryder

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  • Ryder: "This is why they call it Big View Trail."

  • Ryder: "No job is too big, no pup is too small. No ledge is too high!"

  • Marshall: "My biscuit!"
  • Chase: "Marshall, look out!"
  • (All of the pups crash. The other pups enter elevator after Marshall, looking annoyed at him.)
  • Marshall: "Got it."

  • Chase: "Ready for action, Ryder sir!"
  • (The screen shows Garbie's tail)
  • Zuma: "Uh, where's Ryder?"

  • Ryder: "Thanks for coming so quickly pups. I need you to rescue... me!"

  • Chase: "PAW Patrol..."
  • Other pups: "Is on a roll!"

  • Ryder: "Looks like someone's hungry after being up on that ledge all day."

  • Ryder: "A hungry goat will eat anything, won't you, Garbie?" (Gasps) (Garbie eats Ryder's pup pad) "My pup pad!"
  • Rocky: "Uh, it's okay, Ryder. We have a spare."
  • Ryder: "What good pups!"