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00:00:49 Chase: Bye,bye, have a safe walk home.
00:00:53 Chase: Adventure Beach is close for the night. Is it mer-pup time yet?
00:00:57 Ryder: Almost. Look, the mer-moon is rising.
00:01:01 Skye: That means the mer-pups are on their way, yes!!.
00:01:04 Rocky: I hope they hurry, the sooner they turn us into mer-pups, the more we get to swim.
00:01:09 Zuma: Swim?? Rocky dude, I thought you didn't like getting wet.
00:01:12 Rocky: I do with the mer-pup. I'll have a fishtail and I'll be able to breathe underwater.
00:01:17 Marshall: Are they here yet? Did I miss them?
00:01:23 Rocky: Yuck!! I'm soaked.
00:01:27 Rocky: What? I'm not a mer-pup yet.
00:01:30 Chase: It sounds so much fun, I hope we get to be mer-pups in time.
00:01:34 Rubble: Yes. We've never been mer-pups before
00:01:38 Ryder: I knew you've be here Captain Turbot, you never miss a mer-moon.
00:01:41 Captain Turbot: Right ho. Hi pups. I'm gonna get perfect pictures this time. More mer-pup, less thumb. Hahaha. Of course, the most immenslive image of all would be a picture of Puplantis.