Pups Save Old Trusty

Old Trusty 34


  • Everest: "And over here is the pine cone forest because it's so... whoa!" (Trips on a rock, bumps on a tree, and the pine cones fall on her) "Pine cone-y."

(Jake and the tourists laugh)

  • Rubble: "Marshall, what did you dig up?"
  • Marshall (While floating on a bursting water from the ground): "I don't know, but it tickles! Hey!" (The water stops bursting and Marshall falls on Rubble) "Thanks for the cushy landing, Rubble."

(Marshall and Rubble laugh)

  • Rubble: "And thanks for the bone!"

  • Farmer Yumi: "I don't know where you came from, water, but, could you knock out some weeds while you're at it?"

  • Marshall: "A little damp, but ready for action!"

  • Rubble: "The geyser's back?"
  • Ryder: "Nope. I think Marshall just dug too hard, and knocked a hole on the water pipe."
  • Rocky: "And I'm the one who got soaked. Blech!"

  • Ryder : "That's okay, Marshall. You're still a good pup. In fact, you're all good pups!"
  • Rocky : "Yeah, good and wet. Yuck."