Pups Save Monkey-dinger

Monkey-dinger 26


  • Mayor Humdinger: "I like magic, and power. And mucho magic power. I like, I like! I... like... it, to remain here so everyone can see it."

  • Ryder: "Thanks for helping me wash my ATV, Marshall... Marshall?"
  • (Marshall snores)
  • Chase: "Look, Marshall's sleepwashing!"

  • Ryder: "No mayor is too monkey, no pup is too small."

  • Rubble: "Instant bubble bath! I like it!"

  • Ryder: "Well, we found the gorge."
  • Tracker: "Oyoyoy, it almost found us!"

  • Tracker (after crossing the bridge): "That was super easy, if we flew a copter across."
  • (Ryder, Skye, and Tracker laugh)
  • Ryder: "Now we just have to find Monkey-dinger, I mean, Mayor Humdinger."

  • Ryder: "Mayor Humdinger! We're here to..." (Bananas fall on his head) "...rescue you."