Pups Save Luke Stars

Luke Star 20


  • Katie: "Thanks for being such a good kitty while I groom you, Cali."

  • Ryder: "No ledge is too high, no pup is too small!"

  • Marshall (after wiping out): "Hey, I'm seeing stars!"
  • Rubble: "Me too!"

  • Mayor Goodway: "Thank Luke-safe you're goodness! I mean, good Luke-ness you're thanks safe, I mean, hooray!"

  • Marshall (after catching a fallen pup treat meant for the raccoon): "Sorry. Rubble always says 'Never let a pup treat go to waste!'"

  • Luke Stars: "Alright! Thanks for helping me get my hat back, PAW Patrol."
  • Ryder: "No worries, Luke. Whenever you're in trouble, just sing out for help!"