Pups Save Jake



  • This is the first episode in which Marshall is a medic pup.
  • This is the first episode in which pup-tag communication had difficulties; caused by Chase calling Ryder from deep in a cave.
  • Rubble says "Ready for action, Ryder, sir!" instead of Chase.
    • The first pup who said the line instead of Chase was Marshall in "Pups Save a Dolphin Pup".
    • Rubble also dresses up as Apollo the Super-Pup for the mission. He also gives a high-five to Jake, used his jackhammer for the first time, and was able to confront his fear of spiders.
  • A pile of rocks appear on the title card along with Chase. 
  • This episode shows that Jake goes spelunking during his spare time.
  • Although Chase is wearing his vest and Pup Pack for his police pup duties, we see his truck configured for his super spy duties when Ryder, Rubble, and Marshall arrive.
    • He also wears a police helmet for the first time.
  • Chase appears on the titlecard, but Rubble's voice says "Pups Save Jake" instead of Chase's voice.
  • This is the first time in which a pup (other than Skye), intentionally performs a backflip without the use of a trampoline (Rocky).
  • Scott McCord (Jake) was promoted to "Recurring Character" status after being listed as "Also Starring" in the previous season.