This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save Jake" from Season 2, which premiered on August 27, 2014 in Canada and on September 16, 2014 in the United States.

00:00:45 (Scene): (The episode begins with Marshall and Rubble are watching the latest episode of Apollo the Super Pup)
00:00:46 Announcer: Time for another exciting adventure of Apollo the Super Pup!
00:00:51 Marshall: I love Apollo!
00:00:53 Rubble: He's the super-est pup ever!
00:00:56 (Scene): (While Chase with Jake are exploring in the cave)
00:01:02 Jake: Awesome!
00:01:05 Jake: Chase, let's see what it looks like down here.
00:01:07 Chase: (Barking) Light!
00:01:11 Jake: Cool!
00:01:12 Chase: You're right, Jake. This cave is cool and huge!
00:01:16 Jake: Let's take the right fork.
00:01:23 Jake: Awesome, right?
00:01:25 Jake: Let's see how far down we can go.
00:01:28 Chase: Careful, Jake. That's pretty steep.
00:01:31 Jake: Hey, don't worry. I'll take it slow.
00:01:33 (Scene): (But suddenly he sliding down)
00:01:34 Jake: Ah! Whoa! Whoa!
00:01:38 (Scene): (And gets his ankle stuck between two small rocks)
00:01:40 Jake: (Grunting)
00:01:41 Jake: Uh-oh. My foot's really stuck.
00:01:44 Chase: Chase is on the case.
00:01:48 Chase: (Growling)
00:01:49 Jake: Ouch!
00:01:52 Chase: Sorry, Jake. You okay?
00:01:54 Jake: Yeah, I'm all right, but this foot ain't going nowhere.
00:01:58 Chase: We need the PAW Patrol. (Barking)
00:02:00 Chase: (Beeping) Ryder, you there? Hello? Ryder?
00:02:04 (Scene): (At the Lookout, Rocky and Skye are playing pup tag, while Ryder is watching them)
00:02:05 Rocky and Skye: (Laughing happily)
00:02:06 (Scene): (Ryder receives call from Chase)
00:02:07 (Sound): (Pup pad ringing)
00:02:10 Ryder: Chase?
00:02:11 Chase: Ryder?
00:02:12 Ryder: Chase, come in.
00:02:13 Chase: Ryder?
00:02:14 Ryder: Chase?
00:02:15 Ryder: Chase?
00:02:16 Jake: Must be too deep in the cave for your Pup Tag to work.
00:02:24 Chase: Don't worry. I'll run up to the mouth of the cave and call Ryder. Don't move.
00:02:25 Jake: Dude, I wish I could move.
00:02:27 Chase: Oh, right. I'll be right back.
00:02:31 Chase: (Barking)
00:02:36 Chase: (Howling)
00:02:37 (Scene): (Chase returns to the surface so he can send a clear signal)
00:02:39 Rocky: Here I come, here I come!
00:02:42 Skye: But catch me first.
00:02:44 Skye: (Giggling and barking)
00:02:49 Rocky: Look out!
00:02:50 Ryder: Oof! Ah!
00:02:53 Ryder: (Laughing)
00:02:51 Rocky: Sorry, Ryder. I tagged you a little too hard.
00:02:57 Ryder: (Laughing) Guess I'm it.
00:02:59 (Sound): (Pup tag ringing)
00:03:00 Chase: (Chase barking)
00:03:01 Chase: Ryder? Come in.
00:03:03 Ryder: Okay, I can hear you now, Chase. How's the cave exploring going?
00:03:08 Chase: Not good. We need the PAW Patrol.
00:03:11 Ryder: What's wrong?
00:03:12 Chase: We were pretty deep in the cave and Jake got his foot stuck. He says it hurts and I can't get him out.
00:03:17 Ryder: Don't worry, Chase! No job is too big, no pup is too small. We'll be right there.
00:03:24 Ryder: (Pup pad beeping) PAW Patrol, (Pup tag beeping) to the Lookout!
00:03:26 Pups: Ryder needs us!
00:03:28 Marshall: But what about Apollo Super Dog?
00:03:30 Rubble: Come on, Apollo.
00:03:32 Announcer: Will Apollo save the day his own way?
00:03:36 Apollo: (Barking)
00:03:37 Rubble: I can't watch, but I can't not watch.
00:03:40 Giant Spider: (Screeching)
00:03:41 Apollo: (Barking)
00:03:42 Rocky: Come on, pups.
00:03:43 Marshall and Rubble: We're... coming.
00:03:45 Apollo: (Inhaling deeply)
00:03:50 Marshall and Rubble: Wow!
00:03:51 Announcer: Once again, Apollo saves the day his own super way!
00:03:56 Rubble: Apollo's not even afraid of a super gigantic spider!
00:04:01 Marshall: I know! Apollo's so awesome!
00:04:03 Marshall: (Chuckling) Come on, Rubble. Let's go.
00:04:06 Marshall: Whoa! Oof!
00:04:10 Marshall: (Chuckling) Made it!
00:04:12 Pups: (All laughing)
00:04:23 (Sound): (Elevator bell ringing)
00:04:30 Marshall: Rubble, you forgot to take off your mask.
00:04:32 Rubble: No, I didn't. I'm on a mission!
00:04:34 Rubble: (Making fanfare sounds:) ♪ Dun da da, Dun da da ♪
00:04:37 Rubble: Super Pup to the rescue!
00:04:39 Pups: (All pups laughing)
00:04:40 Marshall: Wait, where's Chase?
00:04:42 Ryder: Actually... (Pup pad beeping) he's the one who called the PAW Patrol.
00:04:46 Rubble: Oh, no! Is he okay?
00:04:48 Ryder: He's fine, but Jake needs our help.
00:04:51 Rubble: Well, uh, PAW Patrol and Rubble Super Pup are ready for action, uh, Ryder, sir!
00:04:58 Pups: (Laughing)
00:04:59 Skye: Rubble.
00:05:00 Ryder: Jake and Chase were exploring the big cave. Jake got his foot stuck and needs our help to get out.
00:05:06 Pups: (All pups gasping)
00:05:07 (Sound): (Pup pad beeping)
00:05:08 Ryder: Rubble, I need you and your Jackhammer to get Jake's foot loose from the rocks where he's stuck.
00:05:13 Rubble: Rubble on the double!
00:05:16 Ryder: (Beeping) Marshall, I need you and your emergency response x-ray screen to look at Jake's ankle and see if it's injured.
00:05:22 Marshall: Ready for a ruff-ruff rescue!
00:05:25 Ryder: PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:05:27 Pups: (Barking)
00:05:28 Rubble: Wahoo!
00:05:32 (Music): ♪ (Deployment sequence for Rubble and Marshall)
00:06:13 (Sound): (Tires squealing)
00:06:16 (Sound): (Siren sounding)
00:06:19 (Music):
00:06:32 Chase: (Howling)
00:06:34 Chase: Okay, Chase, let's get Jake out of that cave.
00:06:39 Marshall: Come on, pups! I need to see if Jake's foot is okay.
00:06:42 Marshall: (Barking)
00:06:45 Chase: Wait, Marshall! Make sure you go right at the fork. Marshall?
00:06:50 (Scene): (But Marshall doesn't hear Chase so he's going in it)
00:06:51 Rubble: Hey, uh, Chase? You didn't see any spiders in there, did you?
00:06:56 Chase: Nah. Not any big ones, anyway. Come on. Chase is on the case!
00:07:02 Rubble: (Whimpering)
00:07:03 (Scene): (Since Rubble is arachnophobia, Rubble has a bad felling about spider where they live)
00:07:09 Marshall: Jake?
00:07:11 Marshall: Jake? (Voice echoing)
00:07:13 Marshall: Don't worry, Jake. I'm almost there.
00:07:16 (Scene): (Jake went to right side, but Marshall's going to left side)
00:07:17 Chase: (Sniffing)
00:07:20 Chase: Jake is down this way.
00:07:22 Chase: (Sniffing)
00:07:24 Chase: But Marshall went down that way.
00:07:26 Ryder: Okay, Rubble, follow the right fork and find Jake. See if you can get his foot free.
00:07:31 Ryder: Chase, you and I better get Marshall.
00:07:33 Chase: (Barking)
00:07:35 (Scene): (Rubble still afraid about spiders that living in the cave)
00:07:36 Rubble: (Whimpering)
00:07:38 (Scene): (But Rubble found Jake)
00:07:40 Jake: Rubble, down here!
00:07:41 Rubble: Hang on, Jake. I'll get you free.
00:07:42 (Scene): (And suddenly, A spider drops down right in front of Rubble)
00:07:45 Rubble: Yikes!
00:07:47 Rubble: Oh, uh, hey, spider. (Chuckling nervously) Nice spider.
00:07:53 Jake: Everything okay, Rubble?
00:07:54 Rubble: Yeah. Just a big, scary spider. (Whimpering)
00:08:01 Rubble: It might be a little scary to Rubble, but to Super Rubble, it's just a sweet itsy-bitsy spider.
00:08:08 Rubble: Excuse me, spider.
00:08:13 Rubble: (Blowing)
00:08:15 Rubble: Whoo! Yeah!
00:08:16 Jake: Yeah! Sweet move, Rubble!
00:08:19 Rubble: You mean Super Rubble, to the rescue on the super double.
00:08:23 Jake: All right, Super Rubble!
00:08:26 Rubble: (Barking) Jackhammer!
00:08:33 Jake: You did it! I'm unstuck!
00:08:36 Rubble: (Barking happily)
00:08:38 Jake: (Laughing)
00:08:40 Jake: Ouch! That smarts!
00:08:43 Rubble: We need Marshall!
00:08:44 Rubble: (Howling) (Communicator beeping) Marshall, come in!
00:08:48 (Scene): (In the other fork, Marshall is soon spooked by his Pup Tag beeping as it pick up Rubble’s call for assistance)
00:08:50 (Sound): (Beeping and static hissing)
00:08:51 Marshall: Yikes! What's that?
00:08:52 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:08:53 Marshall: Oh, my Pup Tag. (Chuckling)
00:08:56 Marshall: Hmm... which way now?
00:08:58 Marshall: Jake! (Voice echoing)
00:09:03 Marshall: What if I took a wrong turn? What if I'm lost in a cave with a...
00:09:07 Ryder: Marshall!
00:09:08 Marshall: Whoa!
00:09:10 Marshall: Ryder!
00:09:11 Ryder: (Laughing)
00:09:13 Chase: You weren't scared, were you?
00:09:15 Marshall: Being in a dark cave doesn't scare me... when you're here.
00:09:19 Chase: (Laughing)
00:09:20 Ryder: Come on, pups. Jake needs us.
00:09:22 Pups: (Howling)
00:09:26 Rubble: It's the PAW Patrol!
00:09:28 Marshall: To the rescue… whoa, whoa, whoa!
00:09:32 Marshall: Oof! (Crashing)
00:09:34 Marshall: (Chuckling) I'm okay.
00:09:37 Ryder: Marshall, use your x-ray screen and get a look at Jake's foot. Make sure he didn't break anything.
00:09:42 Marshall: (Barking) X-ray screen!
00:09:48 Marshall: (Barking) Hmm...
00:09:51 Marshall: I don't see any broken bones. (Barking) I think you just sprained it, Jake.
00:09:57 Jake: That's lucky.
00:09:58 Ryder: Marshall can wrap your foot, Jake.
00:10:00 Marshall: One bandage coming up.
00:10:02 Marshall: (Barking)
00:10:06 Jake: Nice!
00:10:07 Ryder: Can you stand on it?
00:10:09 Jake: I don't know. Ow...
00:10:11 Jake: Definitely not.
00:10:13 Ryder: Marshall?
00:10:14 Marshall: (Barking) Crutch!
00:10:17 Ryder: There you go.
00:10:19 Jake: Oh! Thanks, Marshall.
00:10:21 Marshall: No problem!
00:10:23 Ryder: Okay, pups, let's help Jake out of this cave.
00:10:26 Chase: Follow me! (Barking)
00:10:28 Pups: (Howling)
00:10:31 (Scene): (Everyone heads back out to the entrance)
00:10:34 Rubble: We did it!
00:10:35 Pups: (All pups howling)
00:10:37 Jake: Thanks, PAW Patrol. You totally saved the day again.
00:10:41 Ryder: Glad we could help. If you need anything while your ankle heals, just yelp for help.
00:10:46 Pups: (Howling and barking)
00:10:48 Jake: Uh, I could use one thing.
00:10:51 Ryder: What do you need?
00:10:52 Jake: A ride home.
00:10:53 Ryder: No problem. Marshall's got that covered too.
00:10:56 Jake: Ah!
00:10:57 Marshall: Let's go, go, go!
00:10:58 Jake: Awesome!
00:11:02 Singers: ♪ PA-PA-PA-PA-PA PAW Patrol ♪
00:11:05 Jake: Ah, nice and toasty. And my foot feels great too.
00:11:10 Chase: Rubble was so brave.
00:11:13 Rubble: I was? I mean, of course I was!
00:11:16 Jake: He sure was. Nothing could stop Super Rubble!
00:11:21 Rubble: It was nothing.
00:11:22 Rubble: Huh? Sp-sp-sp-sp-Spider!
00:11:29 Rubble: Uh, thanks, Ryder.
00:11:30 Ryder: No problem, Rubble. You're all a bunch of super pups.
00:11:34 Pups: (All pups barking and howling)
00:11:37 Singers: ♪ PA-PA-PA-PA-PA PAW Patrol ♪