Pups Save Jake



  • Rocky: (After tackling Ryder) "Sorry, Ryder, I tagged you a little too hard."

  • Chase: "Ryder? Come in."
  • Ryder: "Okay, I can hear you now, Chase. How's the cave exploring going?"
  • Chase: "Not good. We need the PAW Patrol."
  • Ryder: "What's wrong?"
  • Chase: "We were pretty deep in the cave and Jake got his foot stuck. He says it hurts and I can't get him out."
  • Ryder: "Don't worry, Chase! No job is too big, no pup is too small. We'll be right there."

  • Marshall: (Whispers) "Rubble, you forgot to take off your mask."
  • Rubble: "No I didn't! I'm on a mission!"

  • Rubble: "PAW Patrol and Rubble super pup are ready for action, uh, Ryder, sir!"

  • Marshall: (Pup-tag flashes) "Yikes! What's that?!" (Pup-tag flashes again) "Oh. My pup tag. Haha."

  • Chase: "You weren't scared, were you?"
  • Marshall: "Being in a dark cave doesn't scare me... when you're here."

  • Ryder: "If you need anything while your ankle heals, just yelp for help!"

  • Chase: "Rubble was so brave!"
  • Rubble: "I was? I mean, of course I was!"