Pups Save Jake's Cake

Jake's Cake 2


  • Marshall: "Sorry, I'm feeling kind of blue. And pink and green and orange!"

  • Rubble: "The Jake cake has landed!"

  • Jake: "Barnacles! What a blast!"

  • Chase: "See you up at the party!"
  • Zuma: "We'll be waiting for ya!"
  • Skye: "There will be lots of fun!"
  • Marshall: "Be careful with the cake!"

  • Rubble: "C'mon, engine! You can do it! You can do it! You can... Yikes!"

  • Rubble: "Ryder, I think we can't do it."
  • Ryder: "I bet we can, when we're all here!"

  • Everest:"Sorry, Jake. Uh, do you mind walking with the rest of the way?"
  • Jake: "Nah, not everywhere else to be."

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