Pups Save Friendship Day

PAW Patrol Pups Save Friendship Day Scene 2


  • This is the 10th 22-minute episode.
  • The mailman makes his debut.
  • Chase's tires went flat (because of Mayor Humdinger). This marks the first time a pup's vehicle gets flat tires.
  • Mayor Humdinger becomes a good natured person and becomes friends with Mayor Goodway. However, there is no continuity with this as he continues his villainous behaviors in following episodes.
  • Everest makes her first Season 3 appearance in a cameo.
  • This is the first episode to credit Ursula Ziegler-Sullivan as Story Editor.
  • When the PAW Patrol begins on the meeting, Ryder says 'Speedy Delivery'. This is possibly a reference to Mr. McFeely's quote from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood/Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.
    • Coincidentally, Rubble's voice actor, (Devan Cohen), provides the voice of Daniel Tiger in the show.
  • This episode reveals that Carlos is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish.
  • Mayor Humdinger plans to have the residents of Adventure Bay receive baskets of candy so that they can get a toothache in order to come to the Foggy Bottom Dental Office, which he claims is the only dental office around.
    • However, Adventure Bay already has a dental office of its own, as shown in "Pups Save a Toof".
      • This practically means that Mayor Humdinger's basket of candy plan really wouldn't work out in the end.
  • The pups and some characters said the word "friend" in different languages.
  • This is the last PAW Patrol episode directed by Jamie Whitney.