Pups Save Friendship Day

PAW Patrol Pups Save Friendship Day Scene 4


  • Skye: "I love Friendship day, it's just so. Hmmm, friendly!"

  • Zuma: "Yuck, do we have any liver flavored stamps?"

  • Rubble: "A friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend told me that a creepy critter lives there."

  • Mailman: "Thanks pups! It would be my delight to deliver them!"

  • Mayor Humdinger: "Foggy Bottom challenges Adventure Bay to a friend-off!"
  • Rubble: "Wait. What's a 'friend-off?"
  • Mayor Humdinger: "Uh. It's a contest! whichever town comes up with the ultimate friendship day gift wins."

  • Marshall: "Sneaky, quiet. Like a mouse. Woof... Woof... Woof. Ladder up. Finish fast and drive away from the spooky house."