Pups Save Francois the Penguin

PAW Patrol 424A Scene 36 Everest


  • Rubble (after wiping out): "I'm good!"
  • Everest: "Not bad for a city pup!"

  • Marshall: "Ha-ha. Can't fool me. Ryder didn't say."
  • Ryder: "Uh, actually I did say."
  • Skye: "Watch out!"
  • (Marshall wipes out into the pups in the Air Patroller.)
  • Marshall: "Ryder says... wipeout?"

  • Francois: "I happen to speak a little Penguinese. It is okay to dig."

  • Francois: "Thank you, Ryder, for coming all this way to rescue us."
  • Ryder: "You're welcome. Whenever have a problem, just (penguin noises) for help."
  • Francois: "Actually, it is (penguin noises)."
  • Skye: (Laughter) "I guess Francois does know Penguinese! Look who's here!"