Pups Save Dude Ranch Danny

Dude Ranch Danny 31


  • Danny: "Flowers? Boring."

  • Rubble: "Looks like Lightning Bolt's got the giddy-ups!"
  • Danny: "Yeah. Lucky."

  • Mr. Wingnut: "Looks like ol' Lightning Bolt's got a glitch in his get-along."

  • Rocky: "Danny must be broadcasting from his hat cam."
  • Danny: "Yeah. So how's the picture look?"
  • Marshall: "Kinda shaky and sideways, but it's very clear."
  • Rubble: "So clear, We can see you're headed for a cactus field!"
  • Danny: "Awesome! I mean, prickly!"

  • Ryder: "No robo-horse is too fast, no pup is too small!"

  • Chase: "PAW Patrol posse ready for action, Ryder sir!"
  • Ryder: "Much oblige, pups!"

  • Danny: "No, Lightning Bolt! Horses can't climb stairs!"

  • Chase: "I got this. Lightning Bolt may have lots of wires, but still has a heart of a horse. But hang on tight, because now we're gonna... jump!"