This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save Christmas" from Season 1, which premiered on December 12, 2013 in the United States, and on December 24, 2013 in Canada.

00:00:45 Pups: (Laughing)
00:00:47 Pups: (Barking, laughing)
00:00:52 Chase: These old tennis balls make great Christmas decorations.
00:00:55 Rocky: Yup! Don't lose it, reuse it. Go for it, Chase.
00:01:02 Zuma: Perfect shot! (Sighing) I love Christmas. Can't wait for Santa to get here!
00:01:08 Rubble: He'll be here soon.
00:01:10 Skye: Let's finish decorating!
00:01:12 Ryder: I've got the popcorn.
00:01:14 Rubble: Ooh!
00:01:16 Rubble: Christmas Eve popcorn snack? Yum!
00:01:19 Ryder: This isn't for eating. It's for hanging on the tree.
00:01:23 Rubble: Okay, my eyes will like popcorn on the tree, but my tummy would rather eat it.
00:01:28 Marshall: Using a real live Christmas tree is a great idea, Rocky. But, it's so tall! Did we make enough decorations?
00:01:36 Rocky: Don't worry, Marshall. I've got some Christmas lights in my pup house.
00:01:40 Rocky: I'll get them.
00:01:46 Chase: (Grunting)
00:01:47 Chase: Well, that's as far as I can reach. How will we hang anything on those high branches?
00:01:52 Marshall: I'm on it.
00:01:56 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:01:59 Marshall: (Barking) With my ladder.
00:02:04 Rocky: (Grunting)
00:02:09 Rocky: Here's some lights. Let's decorate.
00:02:11 Chase: Yeah!
00:02:12 Skye: Yeah!
00:02:13 Rubble: (Howling)
00:02:14 Skye: Let's do it!
00:02:16 Singing: ♪ Deck the halls with Christmas treasures ♪
00:02:19 Singing: ♪ FA-LA-LA-LA-LA ♪ (Barking)
00:02:21 Singing: ♪ Every pup and lab and Shepherd ♪
00:02:24 Singing: ♪ FA-LA-LA-LA-LA ♪ (Barking)
00:02:27 Singing: ♪ All the joy the season brings ♪
00:02:30 Singing: ♪ FA-LA-LA-LA-LA ♪ (Barking)
00:02:32 Singing: ♪ Join us in our Christmas singing ♪
00:02:35 Singing: ♪ FA-LA-LA-LA-LA ♪ (Barking)
00:02:41 Ryder: Good job, pups. The ornaments we made look great on the tree.
00:02:47 Rubble: Hmm... something's missing.
00:02:50 Chase: What?
00:02:51 Skye: The star. We need to put the star on top!
00:02:53 Skye: I'll do it! Wings! (Barking)
00:02:56 (Sound): (Whirring, rockets blaring)
00:02:58 Skye: This pup's gotta fly!
00:03:07 Pups: (All pups cheering)
00:03:08 Zuma: Way to go, skye!
00:03:09 Ryder: That's it, Skye.
00:03:10 Skye: (Barking) There, now we know Santa will find us.
00:03:15 Rubble: And bring lots of presents.
00:03:16 Chase: (Howling)
00:03:17 Zuma: Yeah! This'll be the best Christmas ever!
00:03:21 Pups: (Barking and cheering)
00:03:30 (Sound): (Wind blowing)
00:03:32 Zuma: Can you see him?
00:03:33 Rubble: Yeah! Can you? Can you?
00:03:35 Ryder: Hmm... there's Santa right there.
00:03:37 Ryder: They're tracking him on radar as he flies around the world.
00:03:40 Rubble: Uh-oh! Look at those clouds.
00:03:43 Ryder: Yeah, that looks like a really bad blizzard.
00:03:46 Zuma: (Zuma gasping) Santa's heading right into it.
00:03:49 Ryder: And it's heading right towards us. Look! There's Adventure Bay!
00:03:53 Rubble: What's Santa gonna do?
00:03:55 Ryder: Don't worry. If anyone can fly through a bad winter storm, it's Santa.
00:04:00 Ryder: Did you put out the sugar cookies and the carrots for the reindeer?
00:04:03 Rubble: Yeah, but...
00:04:04 Zuma: I kinda tasted the cookies.
00:04:07 Rubble: And I kinda helped him taste them.
00:04:10 Zuma: And then they were all kinda gone.
00:04:13 Rubble: So... we're getting more.
00:04:16 Ryder: Okay. Then let's will get to sleep, so Santa can come.
00:04:20 Ryder: (Sighing) If the storm doesn't get here first.
00:04:24 Zuma: (Sniffing) Mmm… those cookies sure smell good.
00:04:27 Skye: (Yawning) (Sighing) What a great Christmas Eve.
00:04:32 Ryder: Okay, pups, bedtime. You should all be asleep before Santa gets here.
00:04:37 Skye: But we want to stay up and see Santa.
00:04:39 Marshall: Yeah, I'm going to stay up all night, so I can meet Santa.
00:04:43 Chase: Yeah, me too!
00:04:44 Ryder: But I don't think you can stay up and see Santa. I try every Christmas and I always fall asleep before he comes.
00:04:50 Zuma: We can do it.
00:04:51 Rubble: Yeah! We'll all do it, together!
00:04:54 Pups: Yes!
00:04:57 Pups: (All snoring)
00:04:58 Marshall: Come on, Zuma. We have to stay awake to meet Santa.
00:05:02 Zuma: Okay, okay... (Snoring)
00:05:05 Marshall: Guess it's just me. (Yawning)
00:05:13 (Sound): (Wind blowing)
00:05:15 Santa Claus: Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.
00:05:17 Santa Claus: Whoa!
00:05:20 (Sound): (Bells jingling)
00:05:22 Santa Claus: Ho, ho! No! Not the presents!
00:05:26 (Sound): (Wind blowing)
00:05:27 Santa Claus: Ho, ho… ohh! More presents!
00:05:32 Santa Claus: Coming in for a bumpy landing!
00:05:37 Santa Claus: Oh, no! The Christmas star!
00:05:43 Santa Claus: Whoa, cupid! Watch out!
00:05:47 Santa Claus: Come back!
00:05:57 Santa Claus (On the big screen): Oh no!
00:05:58 Ryder: Wait. What happened to Santa?
00:05:59 (Sound): (Phone beeping)
00:06:00 Ryder: Who could that be? Hello?
00:06:03 Santa Claus: Ho, ho, ho! Hello, Ryder. It's Santa.
00:06:07 Ryder: Santa? Santa Claus? Calling me?!
00:06:11 Santa Claus: I seem to have run into a big storm and a wee bit of trouble. My sleigh crashed, I dumped a load of gifts and my reindeer are lost.
00:06:21 Santa Claus: Worst of all, I lost the magic Christmas star.
00:06:25 Ryder: The magic Christmas star?
00:06:27 Santa Claus: The star has the magic that makes the sleigh and reindeer fly. Without it, I'll never finish delivering my gifts. Christmas will be ruined.
00:06:36 Ryder: (Gasping)
00:06:37 Santa Claus: I need you and the PAW patrol to help save Christmas.
00:06:41 Ryder: Save Christmas? Us?
00:06:45 Santa Claus: I was under the impression there was no job too big, no pup too small.
00:06:50 Ryder: You're right, Santa! The pups and I will do anything we can to save Christmas! We'll be right there!
00:06:58 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:06:59 Pups: (Snoring, yipping)
00:07:02 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:07:04 Ryder: PAW patrol to the lookout!
00:07:06 Marshall: (Yawning)
00:07:09 Marshall and Rubble: Ugh!
00:07:12 Marshall and Rubble: Wait for us.
00:07:14 Pups: (Grunting)
00:07:16 Rubble: (Yawning then snoring)
00:07:18 Pups: (Laughing)
00:07:21 (Music):
00:07:30 (Sound): (Elevator dinging)
00:07:35 Chase: PAW Patrol ready for... (Yawning) ...duty, Ryder, sir.
00:07:41 Skye: An emergency tonight? On Christmas Eve?
00:07:44 Marshall: It would be too sad to have the best day of the year ruined.
00:07:47 Ryder: This might ruin more than our Christmas, Marshall. It might ruin everyone's Christmas.
00:07:52 Pups: (All gasping)
00:07:54 Ryder: Santa's sleigh got caught in the blizzard and crashed.
00:07:56 Skye: Santa crashed?!
00:07:58 Ryder: He's fine. But the presents he brought for Adventure Bay fell out of the sleigh.
00:08:02 Chase: All the presents?
00:08:03 Rocky: That's really bad.
00:08:05 Ryder: Even worse, the sleigh lost its magic Christmas star.
00:08:08 Pups: (All pups gasping)
00:08:09 Ryder: Without it, the reindeer don't have the Christmas magic they need to fly, and Santa can't deliver his gifts to all the girls and boys and pups!
00:08:17 Rubble: Where is Santa?
00:08:18 Ryder: He's looking for the star, but he asked the PAW Patrol if we can help save Christmas.
00:08:23 Pups: (All pups cheering)
00:08:26 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:08:27 Ryder: Rubble, I need you and your shovel to dig the sleigh out the snow.
00:08:31 Rubble: Rubble on the double!
00:08:33 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:08:34 Ryder: Rocky, I need your forklift to help lift Santa's sleigh and some recycled parts to fix it.
00:08:40 Rocky: Don't lose it, reuse it!
00:08:43 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:08:44 Ryder: Skye, Zuma and Marshall, I need you to use your helicopter, hovercraft and fire truck to deliver the presents around Adventure Bay.
00:08:51 Skye: (Gasping) Yippee! This pup's gotta fly!
00:08:56 Zuma: Let's dive in!
00:08:58 Marshall: I'm fired up!
00:09:00 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:09:01 Ryder: Chase, I need your megaphone and net to help round up Santa's reindeer.
00:09:05 Chase: Chase is on the case!
00:09:07 Ryder: All right! PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:09:10 Pups: (Barking, cheering)
00:09:15 (Music):
00:09:54 (Sound): (Tires screeching)
00:09:57 (Sound): (Sirens wailing)
00:10:01 (Sound): (Helicopter whirring)
00:10:04 (Music):
00:10:30 Ryder: (Gasping)
00:10:32 Ryder: Wow! Santa's sleigh! I can't believe it.
00:10:37 Ryder: Rubble, we need you to dig it out of the snow bank. Then Rocky can lift it, so we can take a look at the damage.
00:10:42 Rubble: Let's dig in!
00:10:43 Rocky: I'm on it!
00:10:44 Ryder: We'd better hurry or there's not going to be a Christmas this year.
00:10:47 Rocky: I'll get my truck.
00:10:48 Rubble: Shovel! (Barking)
00:10:52 Rubble: Stand back! I'll dig it out!
00:10:55 Rubble: (Barking)
00:11:03 Ryder: Nice work, Rubble! Okay, Rocky. Take it up!
00:11:07 Rocky: (Barking)
00:11:15 Ryder: Okay, let's have a look. The crash broke one of the sleigh's runners off completely.
00:11:20 Rubble: (Sniffing)
00:11:24 Rubble: Hang on! (Grunting)
00:11:31 Ryder: We can't use this anymore. We'll have to replace it. See what you have on the truck.
00:11:36 Ryder: Hmm...
00:11:37 Rubble: What's missing up front here?
00:11:40 Ryder: That must be where the magic Christmas star goes.
00:11:43 Ryder: This storm is getting worse. We'd better fix this in a hurry.
00:11:49 (Sound): (Helicopter whirring)
00:11:53 (Sound): (Goggles whirring)
00:11:55 Skye: (Gasping) I spotted a bag! It looks like Santa's! Can you pups pick it up?
00:12:01 Chase: Chase is on it.
00:12:02 Marshall: Uh-uh, Marshall's on it.
00:12:04 Chase: Not if I get there first!
00:12:07 (Sound): (Tires squealing)
00:12:08 Chase: (Barking)
00:12:10 Marshall: I've got this one. Ladder up! (Barking)
00:12:25 Marshall: (Grunting)
00:12:26 Chase: (Gasping)
00:12:28 Chase: Net! (Barking)
00:12:33 Chase: Got the gifts!
00:12:34 Marshall: Whoa!
00:12:35 Chase: Missed the pup. Sorry, Marshall.
00:12:38 Marshall: I'm good. The presents are safe. Let's find the rest.
00:12:46 Rocky: I knew these old skis would come in handy someday.
00:12:49 Ryder: Nice, Rocky. This will work great.
00:12:56 (Sound): (Siren wailing)
00:12:58 Marshall: Wahoo, Ryder! Check out all the presents we found. It's like Christmas.
00:13:02 Skye: (Laughing) It is Christmas, silly.
00:13:05 Marshall: Oh, yeah. Good thing the gifts have names on them.
00:13:08 Zuma: There's a lot to deliver.
00:13:10 Ryder: Okay, Skye, you and Marshall can drop gifts down chimneys. Zuma, you can deliver the gifts to Seal Island, and hurry!
00:13:17 Skye: You got it, Ryder!
00:13:19 Pups: (Barking)
00:13:21 Ryder: Chase, can you round up the reindeer?
00:13:23 Chase: Yes, sir, Ryder, sir. (Sniffing)
00:13:28 Chase: They went that way! (Sniffing)
00:13:31 Chase: No, wait! They went this way.
00:13:34 Chase: Huh? (Sniffing)
00:13:38 Chase: How many reindeer are there again?
00:13:40 Rubble: Eight.
00:13:41 Chase: (Groaning) That's a lot of reindeer.
00:13:44 Chase: (Sniffing)
00:13:48 Chase: Tracks! Huh?
00:13:52 Chase: Bingo! Wait, that's not a reindeer. I mean, uh, Blitzen?
00:13:58 Chase: Comet? Uh... come Donder! Cupid! Vixen? Prancer?
00:14:08 Chase: Yes!
00:14:10 Chase: You're prancer! Santa needs to put tags on your guys.
00:14:17 (Sound): (Helicopter whirring)
00:14:23 Skye: Bull's-eye!
00:14:27 Cali: (Growling and hissing)
00:14:30 Cali: (Meowing and purring)
00:14:39 (Sound): (Wind blowing)
00:14:40 Rubble: (Shivering) More snow?
00:14:42 (Sound): (Wind blowing)
00:14:44 Ryder: The storm's picking up again. I hope Santa finds the magic star soon.
00:14:55 Marshall: Presents for Mayor Goodway. Well, here goes.
00:14:59 Marshall: Whoa! Oof!
00:15:03 Marshall: Ow... How does Santa do it?
00:15:12 (Sound): (Clucking)
00:15:13 Marshall: (Gasping)
00:15:14 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:15:15 Marshall: (Sighing) Chickaletta, shh... Don't wake up the mayor, okay?
00:15:21 Marshall: Look, here's a present for you.
00:15:23 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:15:26 Marshall: Merry Christmas.
00:15:28 Marshall: (Grunting)
00:15:30 (Sound): (Whirring)
00:15:33 Rocky: Done! (Barking)
00:15:36 Ryder: All fixed! (Sighing) Except for the magic Christmas star. Without that star, this sleigh won't fly. I hope Santa's found it.
00:15:45 (Sound): (Pup pad beeping)
00:15:46 Santa Claus: Ho, ho! Hello?
00:15:47 Ryder: Hi, Santa. It's Ryder. Good news. We fixed your sleigh. And the pups are delivering all the presents.
00:15:53 Santa Claus: Fantastic! (Chuckling) You are all permanently on my nice list.
00:15:59 Santa Claus: But I still haven't found the magic Christmas star. And if I don't find it, well, Christmas will be ruined.
00:16:07 (Sound): (Wind blowing)
00:16:08 Ryder: Uh-oh.
00:16:09 Rocky: If he doesn't find the star, there'll be a lot of disappointed boys and girls tomorrow.
00:16:15 Rubble: And pups.
00:16:16 Ryder: Hmm... Wait! I have an idea! The Santa tracker, it should show where the magic star fell. Watch.
00:16:24 Rubble: (Whimper)
00:16:25 Ryder: If I zoom in before the sleigh disappears... (Ryder zooms the video)
00:16:31 Rocky: The star must have landed in Farmer Yumi's yard.
00:16:34 Ryder: Let's roll!
00:16:41 (Sound): (Splashing)
00:16:46 Zuma: Hope I make it to Cap'n Turbot's before that storm comes back.
00:16:52 Zuma: Huh? (Gasping)
00:16:55 Wally: (Walrus barking)
00:17:03 (Sound): (Whirring)
00:17:06 Wally: (Barking)
00:17:07 Zuma: Wally, I have to get to the island before I get snowed in.
00:17:11 (Sound): (Splashing)
00:17:13 Wally: (Barking)
00:17:14 Zuma: (Sighing) Please? I have to deliver these presents.
00:17:19 Wally: (Barking)
00:17:21 Zuma: Oh, I get it. Hang on. (Sniffing)
00:17:26 Wally: (Barking)
00:17:30 Zuma: Merry Christmas, dude.
00:17:36 (Sound): (Splashing)
00:17:41 Ryder: It must have landed around here somewhere.
00:17:44 Rubble: (Grunting) I don't see it!
00:17:47 (Sound): (Cow mooing)
00:17:48 Rocky: Maybe Bettina saw it! Where is she?
00:17:51 Bettina: (Mooing)
00:17:53 Ryder: (Gasping) She's up there!
00:17:56 Bettina: (Mooing)
00:17:57 Ryder: It's the star! It's making her fly like a reindeer!
00:18:01 Rocky: How will we get her down from up there?
00:18:06 Bettina: (Mooing)
00:18:07 (Sound): (Ryder snapping his finger)
00:18:10 Ryder: Bettina! (Whistling) Fresh hay! Come and get it!
00:18:15 Bettina: (Mooing)
00:18:19 Rocky: I'll grab it. Claw! (Barking)
00:18:24 Ryder: That's it, Rocky! We got it! I'll call Santa. I hope it's not too late to save Christmas.
00:18:33 Ryder: We've got the star and it's safe and sound.
00:18:36 Santa Claus: Ho, ho, ho! I knew the PAW Patrol would save the day!
00:18:40 Ryder: We'll meet you at the sleigh. Bye, Santa!
00:18:43 Santa Claus: See you there, Ryder!
00:18:45 Ryder: Santa's on his way.
00:18:47 Rubble: We're going to meet Santa?
00:18:49 Rocky and Rubble: That's... So... Cool.
00:18:52 Ryder: Where's Chase? Santa will need his reindeer.
00:18:58 Chase: (Barking) Not that way, this way.
00:19:04 Chase: Hey, wait! Come back! How about a little Christmas cooperation here, gang?
00:19:09 Chase: That's better.
00:19:10 Chase: Oh, no, not again. Megaphone! (Barking)
00:19:16 Chase: Attention all reindeer!
00:19:19 Chase: Very good. Now please move forward in an orderly fashion.
00:19:26 Chase: Now that's more like it.
00:19:30 Chase: Wait for me! Guys?!
00:19:34 Pups: (Barking and cheering)
00:19:35 Santa Claus: Ryder, my sleigh looks perfect!
00:19:38 Ryder: Except for one missing piece. I hope it still works.
00:19:42 Santa Claus: Ho, ho, ho, ho! The magic star!
00:19:46 (Sound): (Whooshing and whirring)
00:19:54 Santa Claus: I don't know how to thank you, Ryder. I was afraid for the first time ever, Christmas was ruined. But you and the pups saved it.
00:20:02 Ryder: Any time, Santa. Whenever you're in trouble, just ho, ho, ho for help.
00:20:07 Santa Claus: (Laughing) I will Ryder, I will.
00:20:10 Pups: (Grunting)
00:20:13 Pups: (Laughing and cheering)
00:20:15 Chase: It's so beautiful.
00:20:16 Zuma: I've always wanted to sit here!
00:20:19 Skye: Me too! On Comet, on Cupid...
00:20:22 Rubble: On Donder and Blitzen!
00:20:24 Marshall: Dash away all!
00:20:29 Pups: (Cheering)
00:20:33 Santa Claus: Ho, ho, ho, ho! The reindeer always go when they hear dash away all.
00:20:37 (Sound): (Bells jingling)
00:20:39 Pups: (Cheering)
00:20:41 Zuma: Woo-hoo!
00:20:42 Rocky: Wee!
00:20:43 Skye: Yay! Whoa!
00:20:44 Pups: Whoa!
00:20:47 Skye: Whoa! How do you fly this thing?
00:20:50 Zuma: Woo-hoo!
00:20:51 Rubble: This is fun!
00:20:52 Skye: Hi, Santa.
00:20:53 Ryder: Careful, pups.
00:20:54 Marshall: Wow! We're flying in Santa's sleigh!
00:20:56 Santa Claus: (Whistling)
00:20:27 (Sound): (Bells jingling)
00:21:04 Pups: (All pups cheering)
00:21:06 Santa Claus: Ho, ho, ho! It sure looked like you pups had fun! But now I need to get a move on. I'm behind schedule!
00:21:13 Santa Claus: Dash away all! Ho, ho, ho! Ho, ho, ho!
00:21:17 Everyone: Merry Christmas, Santa!
00:21:20 Santa Claus: Merry Christmas, PAW Patrol and thank you!
00:21:26 Rubble: (Whimpering)
00:21:29 Rubble: I guess Santa didn't have time to bring our presents.
00:21:32 Marshall: Presents? Who needs presents? I got to be a Santa pup.
00:21:36 Skye: Yeah! I got to ride on Santa's sleigh!
00:21:38 Zuma: And we got to meet the big, jolly dude himself.
00:21:41 Chase: And saved Christmas for the whole world!
00:21:44 Rocky: This is the best Christmas ever.
00:21:47 Ryder: (Yawning) You sure are good pups. Now, let's get some sleep. It's almost Christmas morning.
00:21:54 Pups: (All pups cheering)
00:22:01 Rocky: Come on, Ryder. It's Christmas.
00:22:03 Rubble: Look! Look! Santa came! Santa remembered!
00:22:07 Ryder: (Gasping)
00:22:08 Marshall: Can we open them? Can we?
00:22:10 Pups: (All pups cheering)
00:22:12 Skye: Wait, wait, wait! Ryder first!
00:22:14 Pups: (All pups exclamation)
00:22:18 Marshall: We picked it out just for you.
00:22:23 Ryder: (Chuckling) Aw... It's perfect.
00:22:26 Zuma: Mmm, that looks great.
00:22:27 Rubble: I wish I could have that.
00:22:28 Chase: Mmm, smells great.
00:22:30 Ryder: Tell you what, pups, you have it. Merry Christmas.
00:22:35 Everyone: (Everyone exclamations)